Tuesday, June 30, 2009

First Impressions

Hello everyone! Jet woke up this morning and asked me to take some more pictures of him. I thought he looked pretty cute myself so I agreed. He did a wonderful job posing for the camera and seemed very happy with all the attention. :) He is becoming a bit of a cuddle bunny and doesn't like to be put down for very long - but this morning he was content to be propped up and posed like a pro. Isn't he the handsomest? 

So Jet got the idea to do some impressions during the photo shoot. Ya know, just to spice things up. So here is young impressionist Jet Montgomery Penny and his impression of the 7 dwarves. :) 
You know...as in Snow White.
 Drumroll please...

(ok...so what can you do for Doc anyway?)
Ta - Da! :) Have a great day everybody. Love ~ Jet

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Baby of the Month!

Well - he didn't actually win any awards that I know of - but Jet did turn one month old yesterday (on his cousin Claire's 17th birthday - she was sweet enough to share her day with him. :)) We went to Cracker Barrel for breakfast - my first morning outing ever! Can you an believe a whole month has gone by!? He has certainly outgrown a few outfits now, but he still seems so new (even if he's not quite fitting in newborn. lol.) We are so happy at how well he is doing. We had another head ultrasound this past tuesday and NO SHUNT is still the verdict. He is happy and healthy (aside from some baby reflux - I think they used to call it colic. lol.- that makes him fussy and upset at least a few hours a day.) I feel bad for him when he burps then cries (I'm pretty sure cause it burns) because that's what I went through during the pregnancy! lol. I know his pain and it's so sad when his little lip curls and he gets so sad. He's still a good eater though and weighed in 8lbs8oz at the pediatrician this week. Not quite what I was when I was BORN! But he's gettin' there. :) 
So happy 1 month birthday little man!

Aunt Nenna (okay - it's really Jenna...) and little cousin Jane.
Happy Family.
Auntie Kay thinks I'm so cute! I make silly faces.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Wedding Weekend

Hey everyone! This is Jet speaking. :) This weekend my Uncle Nate and Aunt Kelly got married and boy were we busy. Rehearsal dinner, bridesmaids at the house, lots pictures and family all around. I had so much fun and attention.

Aunt Kayleigh is so sweet. I love her.
This is my Aunt Kelly. She is the bride. Isn't she pretty?
I got to meet my Aunt Nenna and cousin Jane for the first time.  Jane is 3 months older than me. I like her red hair. :)

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day!

Here are some photos of our little man and his daddy this morning. :) Jet did some Father's Day shopping for his daddy but slept through the opening of the gifts. Oh well. :) As you can see from the pictures, they really like each other a lot. Happy Father's Day to all the wonderful father's out there! 

Thought this was a fun little series of pictures. :)

Hi Mommy!
I need something to chew on...
Oh! My hands are yummy.

Uh oh! I'm not happy anymore...

Paci makes it all better. :)

Friday, June 19, 2009

Little Squirt

Hiya folks! All is well at the Penny house as we near a very busy weekend. Uncle Nate and Aunt Kelly are getting married and lots of family are coming into town and getting ready. Jet has been preparing for the big weekend by getting some good rest balanced with about an hour of awake time in between 4 hour naps. :) He decided today that he better get out of the house and test out his carseat a little more before the rehearsal dinner tonight and wedding tomorrow (two big outings for our little guy). He went on his first trip to Target! And this little squirt loves car rides in the same way he hates having his diaper changed. lol. He immediately quiets any fussing as soon as we get him in the car and often falls right to sleep. Great news as far as Mommy and Daddy are concerned. :) So as Jet prepares for his big debut at the wedding, we keep capturing every moment on Mommy's camera. Here's the little cutie in an outfit he is quickly outgrowing. Love to all!

A little devious don't ya think? lol. I think we're in trouble.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

3 weeks old and Fabulous!

Hello all! Our little Jet turned 3 weeks old yesterday (on his Uncle Nate's birthday! What a good day!) and his Mommy and Daddy are amazed how much he is growing and changing! It's like all of a sudden he's a big boy! :) I looked in a mirror while holding him and couldn't believe how long he was - and don't even get us started on how alert he is becoming. Because of Jet's diagnosis of spina bifida he qualifies for a program called Babies Can't Wait. This organization is a support system that will help us with anything from finding physical therapists to enrolling him in pre-k (when the time comes....in the very distant future! lol). So we met with a representative yesterday and had to fill out an evaluation form on Jet and what we observe him doing (milestones he is reaching or should be in the next few months). We were so excited as we went down the list checking off almost everything! We had no idea that sucking and breathing simultaneously was a milestone! We were like "he can SO do that!" lol. Go Jet! So we left there pretty happy that our little boy is so far doing everything he is supposed to. We are so blessed at how healthy and happy our little boy is. We have some upcoming doctor's appointments to check on everything (head, bladder, legs) and we pray that we keep getting the good news we are getting so used to. :) We thank God he has not needed a shunt yet (as we nervously watch his little head for "signs" of fluid increase - do that have to scare us like that?) and that we are currently not cathing - yep he can pee with the best of them! He wet through his diaper last night onto his crib. (Yes - he slept his first night in his big boy bed last night!) We hooked up the baby monitor and tried not to worry...well, Mommy tried not to worry. lol. Daddy is the cool and collected one. He slept great (and we did better too not hearing every little snort and gurgle). So here's our big boy! Growing strong and giving us so much to smile about.

Hi Daddy!

Sleepy with Mommy

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Life is Good

Things are going well here at home. My favorite hobbies are still sleeping and eating. I enjoy a little more awake time now and Mommy and Daddy like seeing my big grey blue eyes and checking to see if they have changed color yet. I've had a lot of special visits from friends and family and yesterday my Grandmother Penny came to see me at home and have some cuddle time. :)
 I love snuggling. :)
I sure do have a lot of tiger outfits. Hopefully Mommy and Daddy will expand on my wardrobe one of these days. lol.

A visit to Papa's

Jet took his first outing (other than to doctor's appointments) and went to visit his Papa and Mema. Here are some pics of the proud great-grandparents.

Papa (Bobby Jethro) and his little namesake - Jet.
Mema loves my dark hair. She has always wanted a black haired baby like her Daddy.
Guess who needed a picture with her little boy (outside of a hospital room)? :)
I love you baby boy.
My goal is for him to want to marry me someday. lol. 

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