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When I sit down to write, sometimes it's to post cute pictures, or a funny video, or a general update on the happenings of our life with our miracle. But every so often I feel stronger connection with what I'm writing - and it means more to me than just something casually posted. The contents might reflect insight, hope, perspective or fear - but whatever it is, it is real - it's meaningful -  and I'm always amazed at how it feels to read and look back at what  we've gone through, all we've experienced, and everything that's made us the family we are today. So here are a few of those posts - my favorites - those flash backs into the purest moments of our lives. Some of them aren't very wordy - others are a small novella - ;) but they all represent something important. Some of you will remember reading them at the time they were posted - others of you will be reading them for the first time  - which ever category you find yourself in - thank you for reading, thank you caring, thank you for being a part of our lives.

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