Monday, January 31, 2011

Conversations with my Cutie

The following conversation did not actually happen "word for word"...but this is what I took away from it.

Hi Jet - what are you eating?

Who me?

Of course you. What are you eating?

A powdered sugar donut from Nina's house.

Ohh. I should have known you got that from Nina's house. But why are you wiping all the crumbs in your hair?

Cause I want some more.

Well what do we do when we want more of something?

Hmm...I know this...what is it....

Stare sweetly at mommy?


Pitch a fit?

No. Think about your good manners.


Ohhh! I remember! We say...

Yes that's it! Good job Jet! And you annunciated it so perfectly. I would have been happy with "peas" but that was lovely. Thank you for using your good manners.

You're welcome, Mommy.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Can you hear me now?

Our little guy turns 20 months tomorrow (stop it right now little boy! you're approaching 2yrs too quickly) and although he has surpassed so many of our expectations - walking to the point of wanting to run - why do kids do that?! - and now able to carry objects across the room and even push himself up to stand in the middle of the room (wow. I mean wow. I was impressed) there is one area that had to be looked into. Speech. Our little guy is not a talker - though he has grown increasingly verbal as his walking has kicked in - his expressive vocabulary is still stuck at "mama" and "dada". He can find a ball, cat, ring, train, book, blanket, duck, cow, penguin, hat, puppy, cup, m&m, lion (should I go on? you get it right) in any scenario - but he has no interest in "saying" anything. Therefore we are taking the next step - a speech evaluation. The first thing on our "to-do" list from our PT was to have his hearing checked again. So while we were pretty sure he could hear - we couldn't be sure how well he was hearing each sound - so we took him yesterday for his hearing test. And...drumroll please....HE PASSED with flying colors. :) Our little guy can hear just fine - which means when I say his name and he doesn't turn around or I yell "stop!" when he's running away from me in Target and he keeps going...he's just ignoring me...cute Jet...real cute...
Almost as cute as these adorable Koala ears.
Thanks Auntie Katie - you're so crafty. ;)

So for now - we know it's not a hearing difficulty. So we can proceed with meeting with a speech therapist and see if she can teach my child to yell "No!" at me instead of "Baa!" like he does right now. Won't that be great. ;)
But I'm not too worried. I want him to be able to communicate with me - I don't want him to get frustrated - but he's pretty good at getting his point across - so I'm going to be patient with the "talking" and take it one day at a time. After all...that's how we got to this day at a time and now my little boy is running down hills in his Nina's front yard.
To be fair there is really no way not to "run" down a hill with all that gravity working with ya.
And admit it - it is so much fun.
I have no idea what happened with this picture - but there is something kind of magical about it.

Everyday is something new -
Sometimes it's big - sometimes it's just little changes that let you know life is still going...
the earth is still spinning...
Laughter is still contagious...
Love is still abounding...
And all of it....all of a

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Because it's kind of a big deal...

I know you know.
Well, most of you know.
But even if you already know... or especially if you don't know...
I'm still gonna blog about it.
Because it's still new.

Because I'm so proud of him.

(lol. Don't ask about this pic...I'll only say we were running out of ideas. haha)

And because in our little's kind of a big deal.

Jet. Is. Walking.

Oh yeah...go's yur birthday....uh-huh...

Not just your occasional few teetering steps from the couch to the chair. Really walking. Now I'm not sayin he's ready to run a marathon or anything...but you guys...he is walking!!
(insert girly squeal, wide eyes, and hands in the air)
And you know what? Do you wanna know the most amazing thing about this whole experience?
It's you.
The fact that YOU - all of you - know what a big deal this is. The fact that I don't have to explain to you why I'm excited about it or why I still follow him around like he's gonna topple over. You're not the cashier at the checkout wondering why I'm letting my son walk around the store instead of just putting him the cart to make things easier. You're not the mom of the 1 year old who's running laps around my 19 month old - my 19 month old with hands high in the air to "balance himself" - wondering I'm the one grinning from ear to ear. You're not the receptionist at the doctor's office wondering why my 19 month old is still losing his balance a little then dropping to a crawl to get somewhere fast. I don't feel the need to say "He's just learning to walk...he was born with SB..." then beam at you like you have any idea what I'm talking about. :)
You've been there from the beginning.
You've loved us from the start.
And you know exactly what I'm talking about.

And you are beaming with me.

And that...knowing the very best part.

Because every blessing, every milestone, every "we didn't know if we'd ever see him do this" is enhanced by the love, support, and excitement that we see in your faces, hear in your words, and read in your comments. Each step is more meaningful knowing you are right there with us cheering him on....shaking your heads in amazement...smiling with pride while your eyes fill with tears thankfulness to God.

Because it's not the walking itself that you love.
It's our little boy...our little miracle.

It's his spirit...his inner strength...his sense of wonder...the love he inspires.

Switch the walking for a wheelchair - does the pride go away? No! Does the love fade? Never! Do the tears of thankfulness to God, for this little boy and the life he lives, simply dry up? Absolutely not! I know they don't.
Because you and I are the same.

And the love, pride, support, and gratitude I feel for you and your sweet babies and children is the same. It's an amazing surge of pride when I see one of our little buddies roll over, pull to stand, use a walker/wheelchair/crutches/leg braces to move independently. Do you know why? It's not all the hard work they've done or the time and effort of their parents to get them their - don't get me wrong - I am inspired greatly by that. It is the stuff of heros. The overcoming of the impossible. It is the foundation of greatness. But the thing that brings joy to my heart and tears to my eyes are their smiling faces. The look on their face when they control their own movements - when they did it by themselves - when they know they are doing something amazing and new - when they feel that pride and happiness in their little hearts... and they smile. It gets me.

It really gets me.

I can't think of anything more beautiful, more inspiring, more uplifting...

...than that smile.

I know you know that smile. I've seen it on your babies. :) It's amazing isn't it? Soak it in. Let it fill you up. My cup runneth over with their smiles.
With his smile.

That radiant smile that is only made richer by the heartfelt smiles it brings about in all of you. You make our smiles into sunbeams that radiate beyond our little family, and bring warmth to a much bigger community. And what a blessing, what an honor, to be a part of that community.

To know we are not alone.

We are in this together.

And when we fall...

We will lift each other up and make each other smile again...

And we are holding onto each other every day...

...because as wonderful as this new gift is...
No one should ever have to walk alone.

Dedicated to all the little angles who continue to inspire us.
"Being deeply loved gives you strength. Loving someone deeply brings you courage"
- Lao Tzu

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Snow Day

So if you've watched the weather channel in the last couple of days you may be aware...the South has SNOW! And not just the "oh wow flurries!" kind. The "can't-leave-the-house-cars-are-sliding-all-over-the-road-enough-for-real-snowmen-AND-snow-ball-fights" kind. It's crazy beautiful. was crazy it's lookin' kinda chopped up and muddy. But it's just amazing to see this kind of snow (the "covers-the-ground-sticks-to-the-road-and-doesn't-melt-by-noon!" kind) We heard it was coming...but in Georgia you have to "see it to believe it" when snow is predicted.
And let me tell you - I see it - and I believe it.
Now I know you big tough northerners look at our "little blizzard" like something to be ordered from Dairy Queen for dessert. But we are not prepared for this kind of snow in the South! The "schools-are-closed-can't-go-to-work-roads-are-closed-STARBUCKS-IS-CLOSED" kind! So after the state-wide rush for bread and milk - we are all stuck - at home - or wherever you were when it hit. And it hit fast! One minute it was poppin' up all over facebook "snow!" "it's here!" and David and I were looking out the window at nothing - not even a freezing rain drop. The next minute - it was POURING SNOW! (is that possible? Yes. Yes it is.) It was glitter-like and swirling around like confetti - big flakes - little flurries - making it all but impossible to see further than your front porch lights. Snow at night = magical. Unless of course you were driving in it! (silly Aunt Kay and Mr. Bat) The next day we woke up to this ...
Bundled up the Boo and ventured out.
It was deep! We're talking tops of your shoes here people! ;) And it was crunchy...and cold...and actually slippery. We decided it was not a good time to let Jet practice walking.

It really wasn't a good time to be driving either...but look who surprised us?
Aunt Kelly, Uncle Nate and "H.U." Robert (honorary uncle) :) came for a quick visit...and some snuggles.
And an idea for Jet to enjoy the snow. we enjoyed it too.
Which turned out to be better than Daddy's idea.
We didn't stay out too long - which was probably good as Boo didn't seem to be a big fan of the snow anyway.
Or maybe it's just cause we took him from his Uncle Nate. :)
Either way, it was a fun little outing for the little boy...
And the big boys seemed to enjoy it too...
So after playing (and by "playing" I mean "walking around very carefully") in our winter wonderland...we went inside, pulled off our wet boots and coats, and settled down for a long winter's nap.
But every time we looked out our window we saw this...
And knew more exciting things were just around the corner...waiting for us...
...just like they always are. :)

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