Thursday, September 20, 2012

School Daze

As you know, the little guy started preschool a few weeks ago.

After I got over the oh-my-goodness-my-baby-is-growing-up shock of it all, I was really looking forward to what this could mean for him. Being with other kids, having new structure to his day, access to OT and Speech while in a classroom environment - I was very hopeful this would be a new blessing in his life. 

Yes - it's a special needs preschool program. And I had mixed feelings - is he too young? Should I try to get him in a "regular" preschool with "typical" kids? Should he go 2, 3, 4, 5 days a week? Should he go some days here and some days at another school to get both environments? But after meeting for his IEP and talking to the teachers, therapists etc - I was confident this would be a great first school experience for my little man. It's very Italy with just enough Holland to make me feel at home. (if you know what I mean.) ;)

And I'm happy to report it is going FABULOUS! He goes 5 days a week. 4.5 hours a day. It's the real deal folks. But he's doing fabulous. Just a rock star as always. It's part of a larger elementary school so it's biiiig. But he's not in the least intimidated. (go figure.) I am a combination of relieved and excited and thankful and emotional over the whole thing but he LOVES it. 

And so do I.

I love that he picked out his own backpack and it only cost $5. 

I love that when we pull up to school he yells "big boys!" at the big kids walking into school.

I love that his OT recommended not packing him a lunch  and letting him buy a school lunch to hopefully expand his texture/food tolerance. After getting over my disappointment of not making pb&j sandwiches cut with a heart cookie cutter -(which btw would have absolutely have gone un-eaten) and writing sweet notes (which he could not have read or probably cared to read) I've seen it as such a blessing! As hoped, he's trying new foods he'd sooner starve than eat at home. Whatever floats your boat little man. You wanna eat oranges and tater tots at school and come home and turn your nose up at anything but goldfish crackers? Go for it. I know your secret. I'll get you one day. 

I love that we can breakfast with Daddy in the morning as we are all getting up for school at the same time. :) 

I love dropping him off in the morning and watching the teachers at carpool melt at his cute little curls and tiny voice saying "goo-morning." If you haven't heard are missing out as it's one of the cutest.things.ever.

I love that along with saying and recognizing his ABC's, colors, shapes, and counting to 20, he now knows 
- days of the week (and a few songs to demonstrate if you want it in musical form)
- months of the year
-how to spell his name
-how to predict the weather (ok maybe not predict...but he can certainly state the current conditions...which is pretty what the weatherman does anyway right?)
- and that he's a boy. (lol. Seriously - I hear him talking to himself "Jet...are you a girl or a boy?...BOY!" Who knew that would be such a revelation? :))  

I'm a proud momma.

I love that he begged to ride the bus.
For a week.
He was quite insistent (if you can imagine...)

Talk about Mr. Independence.

So I let him.
And like any decent helicopter mom,  I drove up to the school on the day he was supposed to ride the bus home so I could make sure he still wanted to.
Of course he did. cool okay?

So I followed the bus home in the rain like a complete crazy person.

(proof of craziness brought to you by instagram)

And I had to park in my neighbors driveway and run across the yard ( the rain) because the bus was parked in front of my house blocking the driveway.
I love that I got the "you're one of thoooose moms" looks from the driver.
And Jet got off the bus smiling.
And every day...he still gets off the bus smiling.

He loves it.
I love him.
It's a wonderful thing.

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