Other Miracle Babies: Our SB Buddies

 God is so Good. There is not a day that goes by that I don't feel like the poster family for God's will triumphing over human understanding. And I'm so, so thankful for that. When we received Jet's first diagnosis, I struggled with understanding God's plan. I was hurting terribly and I didn't see how losing my baby or having my child suffer could possibly be God's will. However when I put aside my own understanding and trusted Him to lead us through the darkness...He led us to the most pure and warming light we have ever seen or felt. With Jet's birth, and his amazing life, I have seen God's amazing purpose for that momentary pain. While I don't think God ever wants his children to suffer, I have witnessed how He is able to turn that suffering into blessings. Oh, so many blessings! Some of the most apparent and unexpected blessings are the network of people we met since Jet's diagnosis. We have met so many beautiful children and made such wonderful friends through  the blogging world and Spina Bifida. Friends and their own little miracles we would have never witnessed if not for our baby Jet - and his journey with SB.
Below are links to their blogs - their lives - and the beautiful light that can be found beyond the darkness.

Alex     Annabelle     Autumn     Beckett     Brenden     Brooklyn   Caitlin    Caleb     Carson     Carson B.     Charlotte    Charlie    Donovan     Emma     Emily     Esther-Faith     Ethan    Evan   Everlee   Grant   
Greyson   Hayden   Ireland   Isabella   Kaitlyn   Katie   Kingsley     Madi   Maddie   Madison Hope   Nate   Nathan   Nellie     Nickolas    Sara Elisabeth   Samantha  Toby    Trinity   Tyson   Whitney   Zach   Zachary

**If I you have a blog I have forgotten or not added yet please let me know! I would love to follow and share your story. :)

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