Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Tis the Season

We had a GREAT Christmas Holiday!
This little guy certainly made the season brighter. :)
He's cute and he knows it!
He's got that "I can get whatever I want right?" look on his face all the time now.
And of course we want to give him everything!
And in return he has to pose for pictures that he will look back on and say "Mom really?!"
He loves the trees!
Mommy it's cold outside!
Smile for DADDY!
Christmas Eve we went over to Mema and Papa's house. Jet's Aunt Kelly snatched him up for kisses right away! :)
Jet loved looking at all the santa's around the house.
And then somebody needed a nap.
Daddy's here!
Let's eat!
I'll eat this hand...you guys eat that other stuff.
Wait...I think I might like that...
How do you open this thing!?
I just realized I'm tired again.
Twas' the night before Christmas....and we all went to sleep.
But Jet had a promise to Santa to keep...
We woke the next morning and got out of bed
Jet's treat had been eaten by the big guy in red!
(And we found a thank you note that said...)
Yay for toys!

Daddy! Pictures now?! I'm still in my jammies! Oh wait...I'm in my jammies a lot...
See my nickname on my bootie. My aunt Kay started it an it's one of many I'm called now.
(A note from mommy - Once again...someday I'm going to have to answer to a 17 year old boy for this. lol.)
More presents for me!?
This has been a great Christmas!
The "End"

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Mommy's Cute Cookie

Winter is Wonderful
A time for spotting bright colors in a faded out world.
And snuggling in bed cause just the thought of going outside makes you cold. :)
This winter has been my favorite so far. :) I love to bundle up my baby. I love to snuggle him to keep warm. I love to see how he changes every day. I love that this is his first winter, first Christmas, first everything!
On Monday the girls (and one little boy) got together for some holiday fun! We decided to have a cookie party to kick of Christmas week! Jet was so excited.
We're having a WHAT PARTY?!?!
(Do you see the drool?! lol.)
Okay - I got my bib on!
Papi likes to hold Jet up so we can only see Jet and not him - like a baby puppet show. lol. It's pretty funny actually.
Jet got a hold of some pizza crust and was CRAZY about it. The little guy hates all baby food and cereals but pizza crust...that's apparently great stuff. lol. He never actually swallowed any - just chewed on it for a while and squealed like a piggy if you tried to take it from him! haha.
Jet says "hey! I thought we were going to make cookies? What are we all standing around here for?"
Jet trying to measure his nose.
Now THAT'S what I'm talking about! Gimme that!
Jet got a hold on a cookie ball before I saw him and squished it then put it back! There was sugar on his mouth when I looked down from taking the picture! What a sneak! I had to scoot back from the table but he STILL reached for them! I think it's time to leave the cookie scene little man. :)
And here's his squished cookie. lol.
Aunt Kay is a cookie baking machine! lol.
Peanut Butter Blossoms
Sugar Cookies
Double Chocolate Chip
The End!

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