Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Bunny is my Home Boy

This is what I get to play with all day! He's like my own rainbow-bright doll. lol.
This is Jet's impression of the very hungry caterpillar. :)
My sunshine.
Trying to hide from mommy!
I don't think so silly boy!
Hey Jet! Whatcha doin?
Just hanging out in my crib with bunny. We're pals.
He lets me bite him. And I like his fluffiness.
Speaking of fluffiness. Who is that silly baby in a blanket?
Jet! It's you! quilt. It's new every time I see it! lol.
Yes - after a week of staying at home Jet is getting restless. Okay so Mommy is getting restless too. :) We went on a little walk yesterday but it was pretty chilly even wrapped up in blankets so we didn't stay out long.
Jet tried to get ready by putting his paci in by himself....

"mommy is it supposed to squish my nose up like this?"
Bundled up my blue-eyed boy. :)
Today is really nice out so we went on another walk and it was much better - although Prince Jet didn't like the sun in his royal eyes so Mommy had to pull him backwards through the sunny parts. Can you say high-maintenance? lol. I guess he comes by it honestly. ;) Jet is continuing to recover nicely - I'm wishing we were getting those staples out sooner so I could get the "all is ok" from the doc and feel like Jet was totally recovered. He seems to feel good most of the time - and when he's fussy I still know we have teething to blame so it's hard to separate the ailments. He is taking more frequent and successful naps in his crib now and sleeping through the night again! :) Who knows how long it will last but his "fussy-night" streak that started back at just under 4 months old seems to have lifted finally at 6 months! It's spoiling us all over again I'm sure...but for now I'm enjoying the extra sleep. :) Well - that's all for now! I'll leave you with some more pics from our week at home.

At night Daddy reads me stories....we really get into "The Very Hungry Caterpillar." Daddy tries to compete with my impression.
I've been in jammies all day! Mommy what is going on!?
Do you see these things on my feet?
They look just like my stuffed animal!
but I can't get them in my mouth!
sometimes is frustrating...sometimes it's funny.
Sometimes I really have to think about it...
But in the end I like them. :)
The End


Summers Family said...

Super cute! Glad he's doing so well. He seems like such a fun and happy baby. Stay warm :-)

Merry Christmas!

Leigh and Andy said...

hahahah...I LOVE JET!!!! He looks like he is doing SO WELL!!! Look at him sitting like such a big boy in his crib!! YAY!!! Love the booty shot! :)

Chad and Kristin Pendley said...

I love his jammies! He looks so happy! I'm so overjoyed that he is doing so well. And, I'm happy that you are getting some good sleep now, too. ;) Maddie is teething right now so she has been restless at night, too. I hope to see y'all soon...Maddie wants to see her boyfriend. :)

truly blessed said...

i looooove all of these pictures! he looks so good! does he look older or is it just my imagination?

shannon_michelle said...

TOO CUTE! Can't wait to see him at church soon! I love all of his little outfits... especially the I LOVE MOM one! ahhhhhhhh adorable

truly blessed said...

okay, i'm needing a little jet fix. it's been 10 days and no pix! ;)

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