Monday, December 7, 2009

Holiday Laughs

The day after Thanksgiving we braved the mall for Black Friday shopping with the family. Jet was in his pjs and we were set for a crowded (hopefully short) shopping experience. And it was PACKED as I expected....oddly enough Santa's Workshop was very quiet and there was basically NO LINE at all to see the jolly man! We were not expecting to introduce Jet to Santa or have his picture taken but seeing as he was so available we were persuaded (by Jet's Aunt Kelly and Michelle) to make a memory. :) Jet was not scared at all - but he did give us this priceless (and total Jet) face when they snapped the picture. All I can say is Jet better watch out when he brings his first girlfriend home. lol. Mommy loves this picture!
The of course Daddy was inspired to showcase even more funny Jet faces and created the classic elf-yourself video of our unsuspecting 6month old. It's pretty funny too. :) Babies are so stinkin' hilarious!

1 comment:

Micki said...

Too cute as always. Love the jib jab-made one of the kids!

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