Wednesday, December 16, 2009

No more Doctors please!

Yes that is what my poor baby Jet would say I'm sure. Yesterday we went to have his staples and stitches removed from the shunt surgery. After 2 weeks the areas around his incisions were starting to get irritated by the staples/stitches so I was very ready for them to be GONE! Jet did great but (poor baby) it was NOT fun and lots of tears were involved. :( However - those tears were short-lived compared to today's 6 month check up. Yes it's a little late but we had to reschedule because of the shunt surgery 2 weeks ago. So today Jet went in and got 4 shots (including both flu shots) and 1 oral vaccine. I was expecting this and I think we would have done fine with only that to deal with - but we were thrown off by an unexpected and unpleasant experience. So this may sound weird but apparently 2 weeks of sponge bathing wasn't keeping Jet's ears clean enough - that and maybe he's just one of those babies who produces an odd amount of earwax - but his ears were to mucked up to see inside - do you see where this is going - so that had to clean them. And not just a little q-tip or something - there was scraping, some solution sprayed in there, then some sort of water-pick spray thing, then more rubbing with some tool, and lots and lots and lots of SCREAMING. :( From what I can tell it wasn't really hurting him - he's just still edgy from yesterday's staple-pulling where the doctor had to hold his head down by force and now today was a little of the same forceful - pinning of the baby and he DID NOT LIKE IT one bit. He was so red and sweaty and just as soon as I'd think we were done and I'd pick him up to comfort him they'd have me lay him down again and do the whole thing again! This was all BEFORE the shots! So you can imagine that after 30min or so of complete baby freak-out Mommy was starting to loose it too. The tears were just about to spill over (me) when they finally stopped. Phew. Deep sigh. But we still had to get him dressed (cry again) and into the carseat (cry again) before Michelle (thank you so much for going with me Michelle and Katie!) could feed him a nice bottle on the way home. Mommy was a mess. Baby was a mess. Now it's time for a calm afternoon (baby is asleep) and hopefully the vaccines won't bother him too much over the next week or so. I feel so awful putting him through two days of doctor drama but it's over now! And hopefully we won't have to go back for a month or so (when his neuro check-up is). So pray my little boy sleeps well today and tonight and that he won't develop a complex about the doctor's office....if it's not already too late. :) To end with - here are some pics of my sweet boy when he was happy with me 2 days ago.

Are you a foot?
Are you a hand?
Do you know me?
Sorry...inside joke with Aunt Kayleigh. :)


Micki said...

Boo to the ear cleaning! Kate has had to had that too (my only one other than Ben with really waxy ears-takes after her mom lucky girl!). It is never any fun. They do that so they can make sure they don't have an ear infection before giving them their shots (but you probably already knew that). Of course we went through all and everything was okay, but then about a month or so later, Kate had an ear infection and we had to go through it again but it was worse because she obviously was in pain!
They sell drops that you can put in Jet's ears about once a week (?) to keep things more clean in there-how you bayje him doesn't reaaly make a difference. Now ask me if I do this with Kate to make things easier for her? (Hanging my head and making a mental note to get the drops the next time I'm out)

Micki said...

That should be bathe, not bayje. Kate was helping me type.

Joanna and David said...

lol. Thanks! I will look for those drops! I think some of it had to do with not really bathing for 2 weeks (lol) but maybe not.

Amanda said...

Poor kid! We've been through the ear cleaning too (because my boy stuck styrofoam in his ear) and it was awful. Hope he does okay with the shots. He he is so cute!

truly blessed said...

Baby oil or sweet oil once a week will do the trick. Ear cleaning is the pits! Poor baby(and Mommy)! It's SO hard watching them go through that. I HATE shot appointments. I pick and choose which ones we get though, so that helps a little, but it's still horrible. I'm so happy to see his sweet face. Give him a kiss on the cheek for me. Hope he sleeps like a baby. ;)

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