Monday, August 30, 2010

Wonderfully Made

I am always surprised at how quickly time passes, even when some days it feels like it's dragging - like when your baby is sick, or cutting molars, or giving up their napping schedule for a more whimsical approach at sleep. Even when you look forward to the next milestone so eagerly it feels like it's never gonna get here.
Will it ever get here?
Or when you think "maybe when he sits up/crawls/walks/listens/talks/follows directions/graduates high school things will get easier." lol.
Be careful.
Be so careful I remind not wish today away.
It all goes by so fast. Too fast.
One day you're looking at this...
And then you blink...
These are the sweetest days.
I laugh as I tell my mom each month "I think this is my favorite age."
And it is.
Every month.
And every time I look at a new little baby - especially little boys - especially little boys with SB. ;) - I marvel at how quickly they grow - how quickly mine has continued to change and blossom into this little boy. How clearly I remember each picture - when it was taken - how I adored him then - how I adore him now. How little he was - how little he still is. The things that changed like his dark hair slowly lightening and growing into precious curls. The things that stayed the same like his dark blue-grey eyes and chubby cheeks. I look at these new little boys like Charlie and Beckett - and how their mommies cherish them. I am smitten by their newness, amazed at how fast they too are growing, and reminded once again at how blessed we are to have our sweet babies. And I think about our stories - how they are so similarly written - darkened with scary beginnings, brightened by precious perspective and seasoned with a deep appreciation for all the little things we might have taken for granted. The little moments we might still take for granted if not for the daily reminders that their little lives are so precious. Reminders of what it means to have these miracle babies.
The unknowns and fears at each doctors visit.
The tiny AFOs or a box of catheters.
The milestones we are still waiting for.
The milestones we rejoiced in reaching.
And perhaps one of the most bittersweet reminders...the scars.
You can't hardly see Jet's battle scar in this picture but it is - well - magnificent. :)
I can't believe how much it has faded - but it is still one of the largest I've seen.
These wounds that were so harsh - so un-natural on your newborn baby - are now healed, but not gone. In there place is a less-menacing but just as real reminder of what this little body has already been through...and will go through. But despite the sadness or worry I feel - those little (or in Jet's case not-so-little) scars are the most precious things to me -
they are a glorious statement that says -
I am alive.
I am a miracle.
God made me.
And I am wonderfully made.
"I praise you that I am fearfully and wonderfully made;
Your works are wonderful,
I know that full well."
Psalms 139:14

Thursday, August 26, 2010

15 Months of Fame

Yes little man - you are 15 months old...
...and I'm pretty sure you are famous.
Who me?
You have all the star-qualities...
and Determination.
You are loved and adored by many...
Photographed daily...
And recognized by people in at least 2 countries. :)
You have you're own website that is followed by people who care about you...
...many of whom you have never even met.
You have such an appetite for life.
You inspire laughter...
(like mine when I finally noticed you had been eating dirt.)
You inspire learning...
You inspire strength...
You even inspire tears...
But baby boy, the beautiful fact that you inspire...
Inspires me to be the mommy you deserve.
Happy 15 months little boy.
We love you more than Elmo, bouncy balls, and balloons put together.
I don't know what the future holds...
...but you're going to make it beautiful just by being in it.

Friday, August 20, 2010

It's a whole new kind of happy...

When Miracles Meet...
Some of you may have already seen some of these pictures (thank you Sarah for taking some awesome ones!) or read on other blogs about our little "mini-convention" we had with some of our fellow SB families. But I hadn't posted about it yet... :) So for those of you who haven't seen it (or just want to see it again) I couldn't end our series of California posts with anything sweeter or more memorable than this particular evening.
Our handmade SB awareness necklaces from Karen! So sweet!
It was perfect.
When we walked up to the door, I tied to calm the butterflies and resist the urge to squeal like I was at a 12 year old's slumber party. When Sarah opened the door it might has well been Cinderella herself! I was speechless - or if I said words I don't remember what they were. It was stunning to be there - to see all these people in real life. These amazing children who have touched so many lives and helped me in so many ways.
I cherish them.
and Grey
I can't tell you how surreal and wonderful it was - except to say it put Disneyland to shame in the magical department.
I feel like I just stared for hours at those babies whose faces I knew so well - yet was seeing for the first time. And let me tell you -
they were so, so perfect.
We ate and talked and played and TALKED!!!
My goodness there has never been so much talking - it was like we knew we only had till midnight then we'd all turn back into pumpkins!
(and pumpkins can't talk you know).
I still can't stop smiling remembering it.
First impressions...
I must say these two seemed rather smitten. :)
A summer romance.
Isn't there a saying about "a girl in every port?" lol.
(And Miss Maddie if you're seeing this...Jet says what happens in Cali...stays in Cali...right? lol.)

We had a little "alpha male" competition going on here.
Jet couldn't take the heat...or the growl...from his buddy Grey.
You lookin' at ME?
Oh come on you two! You're gonna be friends whether you want to or not! lol.
They'll come around eventually. :)
And as the sun set on playtime...
And the "picture taking" had reached it's limit...
We all graciously hugged our sweet hostess...
And headed home to put our sleepy littles to bed...
Sweet dreams little miracles...
You are always in mine.

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