Friday, August 20, 2010

It's a whole new kind of happy...

When Miracles Meet...
Some of you may have already seen some of these pictures (thank you Sarah for taking some awesome ones!) or read on other blogs about our little "mini-convention" we had with some of our fellow SB families. But I hadn't posted about it yet... :) So for those of you who haven't seen it (or just want to see it again) I couldn't end our series of California posts with anything sweeter or more memorable than this particular evening.
Our handmade SB awareness necklaces from Karen! So sweet!
It was perfect.
When we walked up to the door, I tied to calm the butterflies and resist the urge to squeal like I was at a 12 year old's slumber party. When Sarah opened the door it might has well been Cinderella herself! I was speechless - or if I said words I don't remember what they were. It was stunning to be there - to see all these people in real life. These amazing children who have touched so many lives and helped me in so many ways.
I cherish them.
and Grey
I can't tell you how surreal and wonderful it was - except to say it put Disneyland to shame in the magical department.
I feel like I just stared for hours at those babies whose faces I knew so well - yet was seeing for the first time. And let me tell you -
they were so, so perfect.
We ate and talked and played and TALKED!!!
My goodness there has never been so much talking - it was like we knew we only had till midnight then we'd all turn back into pumpkins!
(and pumpkins can't talk you know).
I still can't stop smiling remembering it.
First impressions...
I must say these two seemed rather smitten. :)
A summer romance.
Isn't there a saying about "a girl in every port?" lol.
(And Miss Maddie if you're seeing this...Jet says what happens in Cali...stays in Cali...right? lol.)

We had a little "alpha male" competition going on here.
Jet couldn't take the heat...or the growl...from his buddy Grey.
You lookin' at ME?
Oh come on you two! You're gonna be friends whether you want to or not! lol.
They'll come around eventually. :)
And as the sun set on playtime...
And the "picture taking" had reached it's limit...
We all graciously hugged our sweet hostess...
And headed home to put our sleepy littles to bed...
Sweet dreams little miracles...
You are always in mine.


Leigh and Andy said...

TEARS!!! What a great post! It really was such an amazing night. To have our sweet miracles all meet...a night I'll never forget! Can't wait til next time! :)

Amanda said...

Joanna you have a way to really show how magical it is to meet people who know exactly where you are!!!

The Dugan's said...

I'm jealous!!! I enjoyed seeing all the pictures....again :)

Holli (and Mark) said...

GREAT pics!!! I love the ones of Jet and Grey sizing each other up, ha, cute!!! how amazing you guys all could meet up, a little jealousy over here in upstate NY, would be awesome to meet some of my babycenter friends in person but sooo soooo far away. maybe some day. Until then I'll live on like I know you all through your pics and blogs and our messages on babycenter.

Summers Family said...

Oh my goodness - what an awesome post! You captured every special moment and feeling of that super wonderful night. I have a huge smile right now just thinking about how great it was to actually meet you, to hold Jet, to compare the kids backs and to just feel so understood. I loved every moment of our visit!

Thank you for this super great post. I can;t wait until next time.


Sarah Hull said...

I laughed and cried through this entire post! When I think of that night, i go straight to cloud nine!! That was so great! I still can't believe we actually pulled it off!!!
Loved this post and love you guys!!!
Can't wait until next time!

Colleen said...

Love those pictures! Felt like I was there!

Scasmflops said...

YAY!!!! I did not get very good pictures from that night, and can not figure how to transfer from Picasa to our blog. I am in tears and face-full smiles at how perfectly you captured our time together. Thank you!!! I am still walking on cloud nine from that wonderful night. This post was perfectly put together ( as yours always are). Love you!!! Miss you!!! Can't wait to see you and your adorable family again. :)

Dill Family said...

Awwwww! Love that you guys did this! Wish we had a group around Tx!

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