Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween

Welcome to our Halloween House!
And meet our Tiny Tiger...
Daddy's Little Tiger - Go AUBURN!
Happy Haunting
hmm...I don't mind if I do...
So many choices...
Hershey looks good...a nice place to start...
How do you get this thing open?
Caught with his paws in the candy jar!
Now that I look at it this plastic bucket looks delicious too...
Penny Pumpkin
Little Tiger is all tuckered out...
Ready for trick or treating!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Saving Olive

Dear friends, You may notice the new picture link titled "Saving Olive" I have added to the right column of my blog. Well I have recently learned (from a fellow SB mom) about a family that is trying to rise money ($6,000 to be exact) to help cover the costs of an international adoption. They have a website: where they detail their journey of how they are desperately trying to save a little 3.5 year old girl by the name of Olive (so cute!) from a life in an institution. Olive, who was born with Down Syndrome and a heart defect, lives in Eastern Europe where she is likely to suffer at the hands of ignorance unless she is adopted and brought home to a family who loves her.

They are making and selling some adorable hats and I thought I would pass along their website just in case anyone wants to order on in support of a family that wants to help a sweet little girl. You can also choose just to donate to their cause if you wish. Thank you so much for reading.

These hats are designed to look like olives and are green with a red center on top! So adorable - this is the one I want to order for Jet. The girls version has scalloped edges, and the boys has a clean finish.
And I love this for a little girl!

I don't know this family but was touched by their story. I also think the little hats are adorable. The wife, Ashley, sent me this link when I contacted her about purchasing a hat:

Monday, October 26, 2009

Gimme 5!

We'd just like to say,
That our little J,
is smiling because-
he is 5 months today!

Happy 5 month birthday little man!

Jet's Five Month Favorites:
Fake coughing
Sneezing (not sure if this is a sign of allergies or what)
Playing shy (looking away when people talk to him. even me! lol.)
Lifting his head WAY up during nap time and looking for mommy
Holding and chewing on toys
Chewing on his hands (or anything he can get his hands on!)
Rolling over from side to back and side to tummy.
Recognizing his name (mommy's favorite)
Talking himself to sleep
Actually interested in his mobil
And mommy's least favorite...playing with his bottle instead of eating it.
I'm thinking he's ready for some baby cereal for sure. :)
Pictures of that adventure will follow soon I think.

Yay Jet! 5 months and doing great!
See some of those 5 month favorites on this next 2 videos. They're probably those kind of videos that are only fun to watch if your excited by anything Jet does like I am...other than that they're probably way boring. lol.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Mini-Man takes a Mini-Vacation

On Wednesday we packed up the little guy and took a little trip down to Jekyll Island for a few days. Jet was so excited to see his Aunt Kelly's sister, (Aunt Michelle) get married. It was a beautiful wedding! Here are some pics from the weekend:
I'm gonna stay awake the whole car ride....
okay maybe I'll just take a little nap...

Our hotel
Hello palm trees! A definite throw-back to summer. Very nice weather a neat little break from the newly cold weather back home. It's okay Fall - i still love you.
Loved the spanish moss
And who is this little tree gnome?
He's so cute!
I think i'll take him home with me.
Grandma what big eyes you have.

The wedding was perfect! Perfect weather, perfect backdrop, perfect company. :)
Uncle Nate's got my tree gnome!

Nina and Papi in their formal attire. :) It was a fancy event. We all played dress up.
I get my good sense of style from Daddy.

Happy Little Family
Mommy's Handsome Man
I had the sweetest little escort.
Sharing kisses. Jet is a little sloppy in his kisses. :) lol.
Such a fun time. Worth every Penny. :) lol.
What do you mean I'm too young for cake?!
This cracked me up when he looked up at me for the picture. Such a smart cookie.
His Aunt Kelly and I had to take turns with our handsome date. He sure is a ladies man.

(more pictures of the wedding itself to come - David actually took a lot of great ones but we are waiting on the OK from the bride to post them. She has plans to debut them at her in-town reception in a few weeks.)

We also visited the beach...
So cool in those shades! And Jet looks pretty good too. lol. I'm turning into my husband!
I've heard babies don' like sand...and I can say Jet supports this theory. :)
Precious little toes.
I remember always writing my name in the sand + the boy I I just write the boy I like. :)
And we got to stop by one of our favorite cities - Savannah! - on the way home...
The newlyweds. :)
Jet likes the tugboats.
And he really wants a bite of that hot dog.
Daddy loves his boy.
So does Michelle.
And Jet loves this bird. It chirps. What else could you ask for?
Well - we made it home! What an adventure with the Jet-Man. He is definitely a well traveled and cultured baby I think. What do you think?

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