Monday, October 26, 2009

Gimme 5!

We'd just like to say,
That our little J,
is smiling because-
he is 5 months today!

Happy 5 month birthday little man!

Jet's Five Month Favorites:
Fake coughing
Sneezing (not sure if this is a sign of allergies or what)
Playing shy (looking away when people talk to him. even me! lol.)
Lifting his head WAY up during nap time and looking for mommy
Holding and chewing on toys
Chewing on his hands (or anything he can get his hands on!)
Rolling over from side to back and side to tummy.
Recognizing his name (mommy's favorite)
Talking himself to sleep
Actually interested in his mobil
And mommy's least favorite...playing with his bottle instead of eating it.
I'm thinking he's ready for some baby cereal for sure. :)
Pictures of that adventure will follow soon I think.

Yay Jet! 5 months and doing great!
See some of those 5 month favorites on this next 2 videos. They're probably those kind of videos that are only fun to watch if your excited by anything Jet does like I am...other than that they're probably way boring. lol.


Meinhardt Family said...

Happy 5 Months Jet!!! I love the videos and pics. He's adorable.

Johnson A GoGo! said...

Yay, Jet!! We love you!

Kayleigh said...

Happy 5 months Jet!!! I loved seeing your fat face on Sunday. I'm so lucky to have you.

Papi said...

Kayleigh - heard that. Well, not the "Happy 5 months" of course. And actually that last part... not so much. But otherwise, yes.

Lindsay said...

Aww... happy 5 months to Jet!! Love all his expressions!

Micki said...

Happy 5 months Jet!!! So cute and so accomplished at such a young age! I am so impressed!!

Leigh and Andy said...

Happy 5 months Jet!! LOVE the new videos and pictures!! He is getting SO MUCH hair!

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