Friday, October 2, 2009

Fall is Here!

We've been having some incredible fall weather here in Kennesaw and we LOVE it!
The air is crisper, the sky is sunnier, the clothes are cozier and our little buddy is snugglier. :) On tuesday night we took Mr. J to his first football game! Nothing says Fall like high school football - and the weather was so nice! We bundled our boy up, drove down to David's school (where he teaches...not attends. :)) and stayed a whole 20 minutes before the blaring band, boisterous crowd and banging bleachers were too much for our little guy. lol. He was too overwhelmed poor thing. So we opted for a cozier, quieter evening at home. But not before we documented the occasion with some family pics.
Jet's Little Longhorn t-shirt showed his budding school spirit. :)
Daddy is so cool.
Mommy is not so bad either. lol.
Off to the game!


AcquaMarina said...

Salve sono Josue’ Marcio de Oliveira
tagliatore di diamanti e pietre preziose.

Very very beautiful kid!!!!

Papi said...

Great pics and funny video of Jet laughing. David - looking good in the boxers. Should start your own blog... By the way, I sent the SB "Walk & Roll" info, a picture of little J, and the link to your blog to our department here at work so they could be aware of it as well. Looking forward to next Saturday's walk.

Chad and Kristin Pendley said...

Isn't that the sweetest sound. Gosh, we miss ya bunches! Did you get my email about Deanna's shower? Bring Jet, too! Pretty please!! Hope to see ya soon!!

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