Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Tubby Time!

So Mr. J LOVES his bath! LOVES IT! As night time falls and brings out his grumpy...he perks up when we put him in his bath. It's so cute!

He loves to splash.
And make funny faces.
Then look away from mommy like he's not doing anything.
And of course we love to suck the water out of the washcloth.
See that trademark pose again! lol
Now you may think I'm a strange mother, but Jet loves being in the sink. lol. It's true! I took his picture in it to prove it! I put him in it one day so I could run his tubby and he just sat wrapped up and quiet (at an otherwise fussy time). I was curious so the next time he was fussy before bath I did it again...not a peep. Then one evening he was cranky and not in the mood for ANYTHING. David wasn't home yet and I was trying to make dinner... so I put him in the downstairs bathroom sink near the kitchen. I know! I might be crazy but he can't get out and he's so happy there! He won't sit in his bouncy seat or swing or lay under his mobile for more than 5min at a time before he cries - but the sink...that's a whole different story. The sink is his happy place. haha. Well, I can count on 1 hand how many times he has really been in a sink...but I thought I'd capture it just to remember those funny times and my funny, funny baby.
Maybe if I open my EYES really wide it will enable me to open my MOUTH really wide! Now where have I seen this phenomena before?
This towel is almost as delicious as that washcloth! hand is so cool.
My nose itches.
Those lights are so pretty.
I wanna touch it.
I left to put my pj's on and the lights are still there!
Who's that baby in the mirror?
Who's that mommy?
Hey! That's my mommy!
So that baby must be...
(But he sure looks a lot like Uncle Nate. :) )

1 comment:

Guess Family said...

he DOES look like nate!!!! Cole loves to be in the sink too... Youre not the only weird one. i need to get some pictures of him in it! I must say that I am a huge Jet Penny fan!!!

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