Monday, October 5, 2009

What's Up Doc?

Has anyone ever looked so stinkin' cute in a hospital gown?
Jet had a big week of doctor visits last week - first on Tuesday he his 4 month check up at the pediatrician - then on Wednesday we went to his PT at the hospital for a follow up - then on Thursday he his second visit to the Spina Bifida Clinic. WOW! Can you say little trooper? Going through all that back to back was no easy task - but Jet was a jewel as usual. :) He's so friendly and loves taking in everything that he only got fussy when he had to miss his regular naptime at the clinic - that visit began with a 7am wake up and wasn't over until 12:30pm. Jet would start to fall asleep on me only to be woke up by a new doctor coming in to meet him.

So here are his stats: 16.5 pounds (75th percentile) 25 inches (50th percentile) and his head was 44cm (90th percentile! lol.). He's growing right on track for the most part. Our only cause for concern was his head growth was very quick - it jumped from the 50th to the 90th in 2 months- a little too quickly according to the doctors. So we mentioned that to our neurosurgeon when we went to clinc. Our NEW neurosurgeon I must add - Dr. Hudgins is moving to Ohio and we will miss him so much. There is something kind of scary about switching doctors - especially when Dr. Hudgins gave us so much comfort and put us at ease during a very uneasy time. But our new doctor - Dr. Brahma - couldn't have been more friendly and seemed very capable - I felt a very good sense of security talking with him and feel confident that this should be an easy transition. :) Thank you God. All that to say - he ordered another head ultrasound on Jet (I was thankful for that action) and oddly and thankfully it seemed unchanged since August. He was very happy at how cognitively aware and alert Jet was so he wasn't too worried yet. I was very glad to here it looked okay still - but we still didn't have an answer for the quick head growth so we are scheduled for a CT scan in a few weeks.

Please, please pray that everything will be sorted out - our hope is that the fluid will go down or stay the same. If it has increased or the CT shows fluid putting pressure on his brain Jet will have to undergo shunt surgery. We are SO thankful that we have made it this far, but we still hope to never have to cross that bridge. Still, we have a Heavenly Father great support system for whatever comes our way, and in that I find peace.

In every other aspect Jet is a super star! The orthopedist and rehab doctors were very pleased (almost surprised) at how good his feet, hips and legs look and move so far. We once again heard the phrases "He looks great" and "He should walk without to much trouble" and are so happy! Go Buddy Go! What a blessed baby you are! :)

So what's the reason I'm wearing a dress again?
Are you sure I have to wear this?
You will be right here Mommy..right?
I'm going to see HOW many doctors?!
At least I have Aubie.
I was such a good boy - Mommy and Nina took me to Barnes and Noble for a story later on. Good stuff.


Micki said...

So glad everything appears to be going well. Just so you know, all of our children except for Claire had head measurements that were off the charts (100+%) at the same age as Jet and stayed that way for a very long time. The growth was fast and disconcerting and they had no SB. Kate's head just measured at 98% or something like that for the first time at her 18 month check up. In our case, they just kept an eye on it and made sure that there was this curve to the measurements (and there was). Maybe in Jet's case, it's some of those Palmer genes rearing their big heads! I hope that is the case and everything continues to go well. I know you're hoping against having to have a shunt put in and we are praying that will not have to happen. Maybe he has so many smart brains, he needs a little more room for them.

Joanna and David said...

:) Thank you!! I'm hoping it's just a family trait too - that's what David said as soon as I told him Jet's head was measuring bigger "don't big heads run in your family?" lol. Here's hoping!!

Leigh and Andy said...

Yay for good appointments!!! ) Those clinic days are looooooong!! :) Jet looks like the happiest little guy around, with a great mommy and daddy to keep him company at all of these appointments! :) We will continue to keep Jet in our prayers...God is so good! :)

Papi said...

What a super tough little guy to go through all those doctor visits in one day! He looks awesome even in a hospital gown... and not all of us can say that. By the way, are those ponies on rockets that I see on his gown?

Kayleigh said...

Silly Papi, they're astronaut koalas!

truly blessed said...

I did a double take when I read this post! I had no idea that Dr. Hudgins was moving! UGH! I hate to hear that. I guess we'll have to find a new doctor too! So glad Jet is doing super. He can even make a hospital gown look good! :) What a doll.

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