Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Lots of Brains

Yesterday our little guy had the CT scan our neurosurgeon had ordered 3 weeks ago at clinic and we are happy to say all is well with our Jet! Such an answer to prayer. The scan confirmed there is still more fluid than normal, but nothing we didn't know about already. The doctor cracked us up when he said "he's got alot of brains. that's good." :) Which translates, Jet has good brain tissue - it's not being overrun with fluid build up or anything and he has good fluid in the right places as well (which could be a concern if the good fluid were to disappear.) He also commented on how alert and cognitive Jet is (which is a sign that the fluid is not putting any pressure on his brain as of now). Best of all, no shunt yet! It was quite the relief after a nervous few weeks. So even though his head grew quickly - both the ultrasound and CT showed no real change which is what we wanted. :) The doc wants us back in 6 weeks to measure his head and keep an eye on things of course. But overall it was a positive experience. And Jet was really good and so precious when they papoosed him and ran the CT over him. He did SO good. Such a sweetie it made me laugh to see him so cute and bright eyed sucking his paci and then teary to think "my little baby is having a CT scan"- he looked so little and innocent and perfect. Such a little angel. Mommy loves you baby! Thank you all for your prayers. And thank you God for this good news.


Leigh and Andy said...

That is such GREAT news!!! God is SO good!! :)

Meinhardt Family said...

Yeah! Great news! Love the pumpkin pic by the way.

Lindsay said...

Wonderful news!! Praise God!

truly blessed said...

Hip, Hip, Hooray! I'm so glad that everything looks well. It is hard to see your little one having big tests done. He sounds like a trooper though. That big brainy boy of yours is such a cutie! (I'm talking about Jet) ;)

Summers Family said...

What wonderful news! We have been praying for Jet and that you would receive positive news. You guys are an adorable family!

Nicole and Family -
Your friends in California

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