Saturday, October 24, 2009

Mini-Man takes a Mini-Vacation

On Wednesday we packed up the little guy and took a little trip down to Jekyll Island for a few days. Jet was so excited to see his Aunt Kelly's sister, (Aunt Michelle) get married. It was a beautiful wedding! Here are some pics from the weekend:
I'm gonna stay awake the whole car ride....
okay maybe I'll just take a little nap...

Our hotel
Hello palm trees! A definite throw-back to summer. Very nice weather a neat little break from the newly cold weather back home. It's okay Fall - i still love you.
Loved the spanish moss
And who is this little tree gnome?
He's so cute!
I think i'll take him home with me.
Grandma what big eyes you have.

The wedding was perfect! Perfect weather, perfect backdrop, perfect company. :)
Uncle Nate's got my tree gnome!

Nina and Papi in their formal attire. :) It was a fancy event. We all played dress up.
I get my good sense of style from Daddy.

Happy Little Family
Mommy's Handsome Man
I had the sweetest little escort.
Sharing kisses. Jet is a little sloppy in his kisses. :) lol.
Such a fun time. Worth every Penny. :) lol.
What do you mean I'm too young for cake?!
This cracked me up when he looked up at me for the picture. Such a smart cookie.
His Aunt Kelly and I had to take turns with our handsome date. He sure is a ladies man.

(more pictures of the wedding itself to come - David actually took a lot of great ones but we are waiting on the OK from the bride to post them. She has plans to debut them at her in-town reception in a few weeks.)

We also visited the beach...
So cool in those shades! And Jet looks pretty good too. lol. I'm turning into my husband!
I've heard babies don' like sand...and I can say Jet supports this theory. :)
Precious little toes.
I remember always writing my name in the sand + the boy I I just write the boy I like. :)
And we got to stop by one of our favorite cities - Savannah! - on the way home...
The newlyweds. :)
Jet likes the tugboats.
And he really wants a bite of that hot dog.
Daddy loves his boy.
So does Michelle.
And Jet loves this bird. It chirps. What else could you ask for?
Well - we made it home! What an adventure with the Jet-Man. He is definitely a well traveled and cultured baby I think. What do you think?


Micki said...

Love those shades and chubby thighs. That smile of yours is a killer too! So glad you had great weather. Saw some photos on Facebook-very nice! Glad to hear that Jet's ultrasound was good too. Can't wait to see the little man at Christmas. Hope you all are in town!!!

Chad and Kristin Pendley said...

Ok, so I definitely can't pick a favorite picture from all of these. They are all so wonderful and Jet is absolutely adorable. He made his formal wear look very good! :) I LOVE the pic of Jet's name in the sand and your shadows. You are so creative! I love seeing him grow in all your pictures. He looks like he is getting ready to practice sitting up in that pic with Kelly. What a stud!

truly blessed said...

looks like a fabulous trip. :) a little adventure for the little man. :) i think i need to go ahead and book you to do my girl's hair at their weddings (all 5 of them!). By then you'll be the most sought after hair artist in town! ♥

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