Friday, December 4, 2009

This Shunt can't Stop me from Smiling

Little by little our boy seems to be adjusting to his new device. He is eating better (granted he did throw up dinner last night...but he was way more active yesterday) and moving around more to see everything and hear every sound like he used to. He is even smiling. :) He smiled a lot yesterday and it made us so happy to feel like he is okay.
Check out my leg-warmers! Mommy says they have robots on them so it's okay for boys.
Really pants are not an option cause of my tummy incision so this is a way to keep those chubbies warm!
Happy and Playing.
Here I'm watching a little bit of Robin Hood on the computer with Uncle Nate.
Here's a video.
I even took a pif his poor little head (I do this mostly for any expectant SB parents who will find this blog and take comfort from real experiences and real babies who have gone through this - the unknown is so scary and I think shedding light can help you go "oh... I can handle that."

The staples come out on the 15th. They don't seem to bother him too much so I'm thankful for that. So we are doing good. Slowly but surely getting things back to normal. :)


Leigh and Andy said...

What a sweet boy. I just LOVE his leg warmers! :) May he just continue to improve and feel better and better! Lots of love...

Leigh and Andy said...

OH, and I can't even see his shunt!! Seriously, Grey's was HUGE when he got it, it still kind of is, but his hair covers it. I literally can't see a thing on Jet! I mean, I see the incision but that is it. Where is it?? He is lookin' good!! :)

Sarah Hull said...

I'm with Leigh, I can't see it either. it looks beautiful. That surgeon gets some major high fives! Seriously, Jet looks awesome... and super darling! love the leg warmers!
Keep Smiling Mr. Jet!

Kayleigh said...

He likes Robin Hood. Just like his aunt Kay :)

Micki said...

So glad Jet is doing so well! I'm also glad you're sharing so much so that other SB families can benefit from your experience.

Anonymous said...

I have to comment on the cutie pie too! I can't see the shunt either! Are you sure its there?? :) He didn't even shave his hair! High five to that neuro!!!

Amanda said...

So glad that he is doing so well! I love the leg warmers and his smile!

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