Saturday, January 1, 2011


Last night was New Years Eve.
A night that always brings me back my childhood - when staying up till midnight was both exciting and exhausting. lol. Yes, even then I had a hard time staying up late - so I can't really blame the fact that I was in bed by 10pm last night on mommy-hood. ;) But I remember the fireworks, the the anticipation, the always-hilarious charades played every year at my cousin's house. The beginning of a new year was something new to write at the top right-hand side of your schoolwork. Buying new calendars from the kiosk at the mall (which reminds me...I need to get some!). The feeling that we get to start all over again - a new year of holidays and birthdays - people making new resolutions and goals. My sister-in-law, Kelly, asked us all last night what our favorite moment from 2010 was and know I have a TON! Looking back it's so easy to be thankful - so happy with everything we have had this year. But looking ahead...that's a different experience.
Because it's the future...made up of the unknown and unforeseen.
It's exciting...and intimidating.
I was never one for making resolutions - promises that I was too scared I wouldn't be able to keep. Perhaps it was the "perfectionist gene" creeping up in me - but it always seemed like a way of setting yourself up for failure. I'd rather take each day as it comes and do the best I can for that day.
It just seemed safer that way.
And in a way that is true. And in a way I now strive to live that way - taking one day at a time, not borrowing any worries from tomorrow. Doing our best with each day we are given - and not judging ourselves to harshly if we somedays...we just can't...or simply don't.
Recognizing our strengths and weaknesses and keeping them both in perspective.
But in other ways - I think resolutions might be a better idea than I once believed. I think we as human beings can have a tendency to get "stuck." Stuck in a routine...a mindset...a habit...or even an attitude. The right resolutions are a way to shake things up. A good reminder that we are not "done" - we are never finished learning, growing, improving, and bettering ourselves. There is always more to aspire to - something to work towards. Resolutions can be a great kick-start to the year - a motivator for the things we'd like to see happen in our lives - something to hope for.

So this year I'm making some New Year's resolutions...for the very first time.
I'm resolved to cherish every moment of motherhood...and not miss out on the joy it brings...
...the "eyes-disappear-from-smiling-so-big" kind of joy.
I'm resolved to look for the positive in every day...even when at times I want to cry...
I'm resolved to explore new possibilities...without letting myself be overwhelmed by them...
I'm resolved to enjoy life and not be afraid to relax, laugh more, and be silly...
I'm resolved to stop and take a deep, cleansing breath every day... I don't want to miss something beautiful because I was moving too fast.
And I'm resolved to keep believing that "the sky is the limit" and passing that on to our little pilot ;)...because nothing is impossible with God. He has proven this to us over and over again.
So keep reaching for the stars little man! You have a Father in Heaven who is lifting you up...
And as for here on earth... you are loved to the moon and back.


Jill said...

Great resolutions. :)

krousehouse said...

Those are the best kind of resolutions!

Lindsay said...

Perfect resolutions! And lovely pictures (as always)!

Jamie said...

Love it!

truly blessed said...

oh i love your little character. the little picture with his eyes closed and tongue sticking out cracks me up. i just want to squeeze him! xo

truly blessed said...

oh my goodness, you've got me in tears this morning.
i just watched your little video on caley's facebook. i don't make comments since i'm creepin (as she says) on her page, but i had to come over here and tell you how much i loved it. what a beautiful momento and testament of the power of God. way to go jet! get your runnin shoes on, momma.

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