Thursday, January 6, 2011

Right on Track

Why does it seem like just when you're wanting to try something new (eating healthy, working out, less TV more outside time) something inevitably happens to make that more difficult? Like - you're sick and don't feel like cooking - so it's pizza time.
Or it's freezing cold and your son has an ear infection so going outside is not a good idea.
Well, my new years resolution for Jet is to try to get him to eat more variety - not just offer him his "comfort" foods that I know he'll eat. I have a picky boy - so all you "oh my child loves broccli" or "she'll at anything I put in front of her" mommies just zip it. ;) You're lucky. Now don't get me wrong - I know it's normal for toddlers to be selective. I've had so much encouragement from mothers who tell me their kid "only ate peanut butter for a year" or "only likes white foods." lol. But I'm telling you - this kid is super picky.
I still can't get him to like eggs, PB (on anything...bread, crackers, apples...nope. Doesn't like it), apple sauce, potatoes, ham and cheese - stuff kids like! His only fruits of choice are grape and watermelon. No veggies - I've seen him eat peas once and corn maybe 3 times. That was months ago. He eats oatmeal every morning (this seriously makes my day), his current favorite for lunch is grilled cheese, and dinner is usually whatever we're having (which he doesn't eat) and then later his weight in grapes. lol. He' great with drinking milk ( maybe there's a little chocolate syrup in there...but I was desperate!) and water...but no juice. And as of late he can hear an m&m from a mile away.
What? You don't think m&m's make noise...oh but they do. And he can find them.
He even knows where they like to hide... small bowls around the house....but not at my house...
at his Nina' house...which is why he didn't find any this time. ;)
But even though he's picky - we're still trying. And those cute little toddler plates with the little sections keep me motivated to fill them up with various choices...just in case.
Another resolution has been more independent play - less "mommy entertain me" or shaking the remote trying to turn the TV on. I'm telling you...some kids flat out ignore the TV...Jet acts like if he's not watching it the earth will stop turning. Now don't panic - I've never let him just sit in from of the TV all day- but even the morning cartoons were stretching out a little too long for my mommy-conscience. So now we get 1 or 2 shows with breakfast - then it's playtime till naptime. And that's it. He doesn't even act like he misses it. And you know what has made this transition particularly easy....
The amazing train set and train table Jet got for Christmas! (Thank you Nina and Papi)
Jet is in L-O-V-E with T-R-A-I-N-S.
He knows what they are - he's obsessed with the little faces on them (from Thomas the Tank Engine...and yes...he found that show ONCE and was hooked) - he loves to pick them up and take them with him everywhere....
I mean everywhere.
I find them on the floor - I know I'm gonna step on one someday and really hurt myself.
But for now I don't mind - cause I love seeing him play with them.
He plays so seriously with them that it brings out the "concentration tongue-sticking-out" face.
It's a blast. I love watching him. I get this "I have a little boy" smile in my heart.
He's so careful with them (when we're not teaching him not to throw them) and will go over to the room where they are if I say "Go play with your trains." I love it. :)
So while as a mommy I worry about his nutrition, his sleep, his physical activity (or therapy) and his playtime. It's easy to see when I stop and look at him - smiling, playing, walking
(yep...I said walking!)
That we are doing okay.
We are where we need to be.
And we are right on track.


Meinhardt Family said...

Joanna, I totally hear ya with the picky eater thing. Nellie is the worst! She NEVER eats veggies. Drives me nuts. Sometimes I can get her to eat carrots. I have some good news though. As he gets older, it will be easier to bribe him. I can't tell you how many times I've had Nellie eating green beans in tears with a brownie in arms reach. "Once you finish your beans, you can have that brownie!". She'll do it, but she won't do it quietly. Good luck.
Once again, wonderful pics! I said this to Leigh as well, but I look forward to another year of watching Jet do amazing things!

krousehouse said...

1. I love your red cabinets.
2. Jet is awesome!
3. I really hope Charlie likes trains too - little boys are so cute playing with their trains!

Micki said...

Let's see Ben eats no fruit, no vegetables, no juices of any kind, no milk, no oatmeal (HA!), no grilled cheese-should I go on? Let's see-he's going to be 12 next month. He likes less things now then he did when he started eating solids at 9 months or so. Did I mention we still have trouble getting him to use a fork?

Then there's Macy who we did everything exactly the same with and she's a very well rounded eater. Eleanor and Claire are in between the two.

Kate seems to be following in her brother's footsteps although she's not as bad as him-YET.

Keep trying. You never know. Ben likes some strange things like Tandori chicken and Vietnamese noodle soup (although without anything but the noodles and the broth). At least I can get him to try some things and he does like Pizza which covers a large range of food groups, although he doesn't get it as often as he would like.

Did I mention it's torture for me when we go to Georgia because he won't hardly eat anything at the family get togethers??

Welcome to motherhood. :)

Stephanie said...

I totally get the train thing. It melts my heart when Nate plays with his set and as he's making the train go around the track he makes the sounds (which sound more like tugga tugga-but it's soooo adorable!) It gives me that "I have a little boy" feeling, too and I love it. And I won't mention that Nate will eat almost anything.) ;o) Jet will get there eventually!

JourneyWithTheCrosiers said...

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE those pictures of Jet WALKING! Not just standing, holding your hand, or cruising around furniture, but walking! As you said sometime this week on FB or a blog post...take that SB!!!!!! I feel like that every day! Love that feeling. I hope Beckett likes trains too! The trains posed nicely for your pictures!! ha!

truly blessed said...

i loooove your red cabinets and i love jet. (not in that order) ; ) xo

Scasmflops said...

:) Smiling from ear to ear!!! And getting that same "I have a boy" smile in my heart. Today I bought a good variety of foods for Carson.... We'll do it together, friend. :)

Walking around and playing with trains.... :) BIG SMILES for your little miracle.

Scasmflops said...

So I was finishing up my comment and noticed that Before the morning started to play with just the perfect words for me at this time. :)

Adrienne, Scott, Hanna and Hayden Trigg said...

I love to see these pictures of Jet walking!!! They are so wonderful and inspiring! I also love him at the fridge with the magnets. That is just what Hayden loves too. Such a cute little fashionable boy you have. Thanks for doing such a great blog!

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