Thursday, January 13, 2011

Because it's kind of a big deal...

I know you know.
Well, most of you know.
But even if you already know... or especially if you don't know...
I'm still gonna blog about it.
Because it's still new.

Because I'm so proud of him.

(lol. Don't ask about this pic...I'll only say we were running out of ideas. haha)

And because in our little's kind of a big deal.

Jet. Is. Walking.

Oh yeah...go's yur birthday....uh-huh...

Not just your occasional few teetering steps from the couch to the chair. Really walking. Now I'm not sayin he's ready to run a marathon or anything...but you guys...he is walking!!
(insert girly squeal, wide eyes, and hands in the air)
And you know what? Do you wanna know the most amazing thing about this whole experience?
It's you.
The fact that YOU - all of you - know what a big deal this is. The fact that I don't have to explain to you why I'm excited about it or why I still follow him around like he's gonna topple over. You're not the cashier at the checkout wondering why I'm letting my son walk around the store instead of just putting him the cart to make things easier. You're not the mom of the 1 year old who's running laps around my 19 month old - my 19 month old with hands high in the air to "balance himself" - wondering I'm the one grinning from ear to ear. You're not the receptionist at the doctor's office wondering why my 19 month old is still losing his balance a little then dropping to a crawl to get somewhere fast. I don't feel the need to say "He's just learning to walk...he was born with SB..." then beam at you like you have any idea what I'm talking about. :)
You've been there from the beginning.
You've loved us from the start.
And you know exactly what I'm talking about.

And you are beaming with me.

And that...knowing the very best part.

Because every blessing, every milestone, every "we didn't know if we'd ever see him do this" is enhanced by the love, support, and excitement that we see in your faces, hear in your words, and read in your comments. Each step is more meaningful knowing you are right there with us cheering him on....shaking your heads in amazement...smiling with pride while your eyes fill with tears thankfulness to God.

Because it's not the walking itself that you love.
It's our little boy...our little miracle.

It's his spirit...his inner strength...his sense of wonder...the love he inspires.

Switch the walking for a wheelchair - does the pride go away? No! Does the love fade? Never! Do the tears of thankfulness to God, for this little boy and the life he lives, simply dry up? Absolutely not! I know they don't.
Because you and I are the same.

And the love, pride, support, and gratitude I feel for you and your sweet babies and children is the same. It's an amazing surge of pride when I see one of our little buddies roll over, pull to stand, use a walker/wheelchair/crutches/leg braces to move independently. Do you know why? It's not all the hard work they've done or the time and effort of their parents to get them their - don't get me wrong - I am inspired greatly by that. It is the stuff of heros. The overcoming of the impossible. It is the foundation of greatness. But the thing that brings joy to my heart and tears to my eyes are their smiling faces. The look on their face when they control their own movements - when they did it by themselves - when they know they are doing something amazing and new - when they feel that pride and happiness in their little hearts... and they smile. It gets me.

It really gets me.

I can't think of anything more beautiful, more inspiring, more uplifting...

...than that smile.

I know you know that smile. I've seen it on your babies. :) It's amazing isn't it? Soak it in. Let it fill you up. My cup runneth over with their smiles.
With his smile.

That radiant smile that is only made richer by the heartfelt smiles it brings about in all of you. You make our smiles into sunbeams that radiate beyond our little family, and bring warmth to a much bigger community. And what a blessing, what an honor, to be a part of that community.

To know we are not alone.

We are in this together.

And when we fall...

We will lift each other up and make each other smile again...

And we are holding onto each other every day...

...because as wonderful as this new gift is...
No one should ever have to walk alone.

Dedicated to all the little angles who continue to inspire us.
"Being deeply loved gives you strength. Loving someone deeply brings you courage"
- Lao Tzu


Jill said...

Oh, Joanna!!! Can you beam and cry at the same time?? I don't think 'beam' is big enough a word right now. 'Explode with pride' seems more appropriate, and he's not even my boy so I can only imagine how you are feeling. I LOVE the tongue out pictures. So perfect. :)

Sarah Hull said...

where's the tissue? I just love this! I love you, I love jet, I love the SB community! This was so awesome! You seriously need to get your blog published, it is so inspiring! Jet is doing SO SO SO great! This is so awesome!!!! Please give Jet a hug and so many high fives from us!!!!

Lisa Maksus said...

Wow! Can hardly type through the tears streaming down my face. We are not there yet with walking or pulling up or crawling, but for every story of accomplishment my heart fills with a bit more hope that someday will be our day. So happy for you. Way to go Jet!

The Dugan's said...

Truly inspirational! So amazing to see him walking!!

Leigh and Andy said...

love, love, LOVE!!! I think his arms are up not so much to balance, but to shout "OH YEAH!!! I'M DOING IT!!!!" Love you guys and am SO SO SO PROUD of Jet!!

krousehouse said...

That is so amazingly wonderful. Jet is an inspiration, and so are you. And he is WALKING! What an incredible accomplishment (for any baby, but especially one of ours).

truly blessed said...

beaming is right.
and the tearing up thing too.

Our family said...

Such a wonderful blog post :) We're expecting our second son in February and he has SB. I read your blog often and it fills us with hope. Thank you. Hugs and a high five to Jet!

Selina said...

It's a HUGE deal! One that all of us dream about...and I'm so happy to see it come true for Little Jet! What an AMAZING year 2011 is gonna be...I can't wait to see what's next. Thanks for sharing it with us!

Chad and Kristin Pendley said...

Yaaaaaayyyy! What a huge step! (literally!) you can tell he is ready to get into some trouble with his new found freedom! This is a beautiful post and a moment that will be cherished forever! Love y'all!

Summer Pendley said...

The JOY in this post is Incredibly contagious Joanna!!!!! Praise God for such a happy and giddy WALKER!!!! Gooooo Jet! Love those smiles! He seems over the moon to have taken off!!!!!!

Holli (and Mark) said...

oh my gosh, happy, happy, happy mess up your perfectly good make up kind of tears. Love your words and your gorgeous pics of your little man. soooooooooo inspiring!!! and might I add Alex's twin WITHOUT SB is just now starting to master walking at 18 months so Jet is yes a total rockstar!!!! but you already knew that!!! hugs, hugs and happy tears!!!! celebrating right along with you!!!

Katelyn said...

Crouching Tiger Hidden Jet. That's why his hands are up; not for balance but for more "kare-ah-tay" effect. =)

JourneyWithTheCrosiers said...

I am in love with this post! The relationship we all have is beyond amazing! JET IS WALKING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Did you hear me yell that!?!? I am so happy for your family and Jet. Love those new pictures and all those smiles and a few "bunny faces" that Jet's pictures wouldn't be without! BIG hugs to you!

Christine said...

Woo-hoo! This is awesome news! Our five year old SB walks with crutches and we are so proud of him. One day we dream of him walking with just his braces!

The Calak's said...

Joanna and David,
What an exciting time! Congratulations to Jet for working those little legs so hard. Best of wishes in all the other joys that are to come.
Vicki and Matt

Anonymous said...

Beautiful post!
Tears are streaming down my face.

What a handsome little angel you have.

Heather Weir said...

Beautiful post. I'm getting to that point for questions, why is your baby not sitting up, why is she not crawling. But You are right here everyone now's what a miracle the 5 seconds she sat up all on her own not leaning on her hands.
Congratulations Jet! You inspire me to keep helping my little CHarlotte to that future date of her moving like you do!

Colleen said...

It's AMAZING!!! I remember the feeling well and don't ever want to forget it.

Amanda said...

This was beautiful! Thank you for including me in such a big accomplishment! Because I'm beaming (and crying) from here! Way to go Jet! And way to go Joanna!
I love the tongue!

The Dugan's said...

I keep reading this post over and over and continue to be amazed at how God is working in all of our kids! Such an inspiration to all of us.

Scasmflops said...

MY FRIEND!!!! Yes! Yes! Yes! LOVE!!!!!

"Because I'm so proud of him."---- beaming, absolutely beaming!!! I know where this is going and I am so excited!!!!!

...."Switch the walking for a wheelchair - does the pride go away? No! Does the love fade? Never! Do the tears of thankfulness to God, for this little boy and the life he lives, simply dry up? Absolutely not! I know they don't.
Because you and I are the same."
... begin crying, still beaming but more with that glow that only we SB mommies can get.

So much love to you to Boo... to all of our precious family, and all our heroes.

Lindsay said...

Jet is rocking the walking!!! Go Jet! And go God! Such a beautiful miracle, and beautiful pictures to tell the story!

Jessica B Photography said...

Joanna, what a gorgeous post! Really & truly beautiful words & images!

Meinhardt Family said...

Tears. Tears of joy. I'm so proud of Jet. He's an amazing and inspiring boy. Great post Joanna. You guys are great parents!

truly blessed said...

hello momma, more pictures please. it's been a week and i need another jet fix. i bet he's grown an inch or two at least.
; )

Jessica said...

OH MY I LOVE YOU AND YOUR BLOG. You are so inspiring. I wish I could give you a hug. (one day) Are you planning on going to the SB conference in Anaheim. I am! I want ti get a a group of us bloggers together. I am so sos happy for Jet and can't wait for our day to come.

Lisa @ Heaven Sent said...

Awesome post for so many reasons...the news, the photos, the words. Love them all. What a special moment.

One of the most amazing gifts I have received from Brooklyn's diagnosis is the ability to appreciate EVERYTHING! Every milestone...every smile, every kick, every giggle. Appreciation I never would have had without her.

Enjoy every step your little boy takes. It is a big deal. It all is. Take it in, imprint it on your heart, and let the joy keep beaming. I certainly see it beaming in this post! Hugs to you and your amazing miracle!!!

Amanda said...

Beautiful pictures and beautiful words. Thank you for the inspiration and for putting to words what all of us feel. I am so excited for your handsome Jet and his amazing parents! Amazing!

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