Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Nineteen Months and New Nephews

Okay so after Jet turns 2 years I think I'm gonna retire this "monthly birthday blog post" cause I'm just not good at keeping up with it anymore! :) Especially when it falls the day after Christmas. But we did manage to snap a few pics of our 19month old at his Grandmother and Granddad's house over the holiday.
Here is Jet sitting in Grandmother's childhood rocking chair watching Curious George on TV.
Did I mention Jet likes Curious George?
Jet also had the opportunity to meet his new little cousin!
David's brother and his wife, Stacie, came all the way from Florida for the holidays with their little dog Chloe and 11 day old baby Daniel - brave souls.
And I'm so glad they did. :)
Jet wasn't too sure about Chloe...
He tended to head for higher ground when the puppy came running up to him.
And here he is showing his interest in his little cousin...

Lol. Yes - there was snow outside that Jet had yet to discover and babies just can't compete with snow.
Unless your a first time Aunt who loves to take pictures...
In which case babies blow snow out of the water. :)
I adored taking pictures of my tiniest model to date! He was perfect.
And since Jet demanded his grandparents full attention while we were over there...
I got to hold my sweet nephew and keep him all to myself. :) He was pure snuggly sweetness.
I know the next time we see him he will have changed so much - as babies often do - so I'm so glad we got this special time and I was able to take a few precious photos to adorn our fridge and hallways until our next visit.
Welcome to the family baby Daniel.
It's a good one. :)


Cassie said...

Daniel is delicious! Makes me miss when my boys were just tiny babies! It goes by so fast.

Scasmflops said...

adorable!!! Really love the picture with the wedding rings. Great idea!
Jet---- I cannot believe 19 months. WOW! love ya~!

HennHouse said...

Your Jet is adorable (as usual), and Daniel is so beautiful!

krousehouse said...

Gorgeous tiny new baby! Love those new baby snuggles! Jet is adorable and growing up so fast. I can't even believe how fast. I love the curious George expression - rapt attention.

Tiffany said...

Awe!! Very precious pictures!

Leigh and Andy said...

ok, I know I way this waaaay too much...but Jet is SERIOUSLY cuter with EVERY picture! I can't stand it! I need to hold him and cuddle and watch Curious George. Grey has just discovered CG and literally laughs out loud over it...too funny! OH, and baby nephews...So MUCH FUN!! :) Love ya!!

Meinhardt Family said...

I'm loving your christmas photos. Once again, ALL your photos are beautiful. Looks like you guys had a wonderful christmas. Happy new year!!

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