Monday, December 27, 2010

White Christmas

Guess what we had?
Yep. Georgia had a WHITE CHRISTMAS! Crazy! We never get snow - and while to northerners and onlookers from other parts of the world our snow is but a "dusting" - to us it was can't-leave-the-house-cancel-everything-do-we-have-enough-milk-and-bread weather. Being "snowed-in" just doesn't happen down here in the South - so it was surreal. And beautiful.
Jet couldn't wait to go out in it the next day.
Or so he thought...once we were out there he was pretty chilly and got all bunny-faced with the icy wind blowing.
But we had time to make a few footprints...
Snap a few photos...
And do the "now-what" pose with the child who has never played in the snow before.
Overall it was so fun to see Jet in the snow again.
We had some snow last winter and to have some again this year was extra lucky. Next year if it snows, there will be snow angels, snow ball fights, snowmen, snow cones (okay maybe not snow cones - but wouldn't that be fun?!) and everything that comes with it.
But for now, we'll just snuggle in our cozy house...
...and enjoy the magic that Christmas snow brings.


JourneyWithTheCrosiers said...

Oh the bunny favorite Jet pose ALWAYS!!!!!!
Love that first picture of Jet's snowy shoes. Adorable.

Stephanie said...

Haha, you Southerners are funny. "Snow day" HA!!! Sorry, that's the Chicagoan in me talking! Happy you guys had a white Christmas, I couldn't imagine it any other way!

Summers Family said...

Is that your awesome looking house? Wow, it's so big!

The snow looked so fun!

truly blessed said...

you'll have to make snowcream! yummmm!

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