Friday, February 12, 2010

Not to be left out...

...we have snow!
Seems as if everyone else now it's our turn. :)
It's getting late and the snow has made me sleepy. But I wanted to post a few pics of the snow we ordered for our California Cousins to enjoy during their visit.

Yes - we have that kind of power.
Snow in the South - everybody up North - take note.
Trying to stay warm. :)
Daddy it's cold out here!
Could they be any more handsome?
Everyone is always wanting to do here you go - This is for you!
A couple of snow bunnies.

And a tiny snow angel...
Everyone wants a picture with Jet. He's a guarantee the picture will turn out cute. :)
Stay warm everybody!

And watch out for this guy...


Micki said...

yeah snow for Jet!!!! So glad you had such a nice little snowfall!! We are finally getting shoveled out and the sledding has been good. About 3-4 more inches expected for Monday!

Kayleigh said...

Is Claire wearing my coat? lol
Jet looks so big with his teeth!

Please come visit me. And bring some snow with you!It was probably cold enough when I was in Ybor this morning.

truly blessed said...

those are awesome! we loved the snow too! so disappointed when i woke up to the sound of rain this morning.

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