Sunday, February 21, 2010

Love You to Pieces

Jet Montgomery - I know I'm not alone in this sentiment - but your Mommy is so thankful for you. Thank you for being good in bible class this morning. Thank you for keeping your blue eyes a little longer. Thank you for letting me sing to you
Thank you for teaching me all about playtime and staying positive and keeping perspective.
Thank you for your hilarious growling.
Thank you for not screaming in the car everyday (today's crying fit was just a fluke right?)
Thank you for cuddling with me a little bit each day.
Thank you for loving me with your smile and making me smile with your intent stares.
Thank you for sleeping through the night for another month.
Thank you for being my little boy.
Baby Einstein is so
I love this funny ability to focus.
You've had it from day 1
...or maybe more like day 10...
whenever the morphine wore off and you first opened your eyes for more than 2 seconds. lol.
Poor baby.


truly blessed said...

baby einstein is the best thing ever invented. no home should be without it.
we should've video-ed the girls in their bouncy seats sitting in a row in front of the tv years ago. video off---crying loudly, video on--- intently staring. it was a beautiful thing. needless to say, we had all the vhs tapes. ;)

Lindsay said...

I love the photo of his sweet hands :-) precious!

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