Monday, February 8, 2010

Prayer Request

Jet would like everyone to say a prayer on behalf of his little friend, Annabelle. She is another "miracle baby" like Jet - born with SB- and is going to have her 3rd shunt revision surgery today. She was admitted to the hospital Sunday with her shunt malfunctioning (something that can happen at anytime to anyone with a shunt) and she is not even 7 months old. I remember when Jet had his shunt surgery at 6 months thinking of Annabelle and how she had been through this a few times already. :( I don't think this is the norm - and hopefully it won't happen again, poor baby- but it is still a worry -always floating in the back of the minds of mommies like myself. So please keep her and her family in your prayers - pray for a successful surgery, speedy recovery, and no more shunt problems for this precious little girl! Thank you so much!



Sarah Hull said...

we're praying over here for that sweet family. my heart is just breaking for them. You are so sweet to do this post.
I wish shunts did not have to be so scary. They work miracles but cause us so much worry too!

Lindsay said...

Praying for Annabelle and her family!!!

Kayleigh said...

I'm praying for her too.

Summers Family said...

Thank you guys so much for you for love, prayers and friendship. Annabelle is doing so much better. She had a good night after her surgery and is eating well. We are so happy to hopefully be going home today to finish recovering.

Send our love to Jet! Talk with you soon.


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