Tuesday, February 9, 2010


I've always been one to listen to lyrics. I like to know the words and if I can't understand them I look them up online (it makes me crazy not to know!). Knowing the lyrics empowers me - I can always know when the change the station if the words are negative or inappropriate before I am forced to hear them - I am obliged to correct my husband when he sings the wrong words (lol - although that can be quite funny to just let him make them up) but the most fulfilling is that I can find encouragement and messages for my own life in the lyrics of a song on the radio. The most recent of these was yesterday in the car when I heard a song for the first time - it's by Lee Ann Womak (yes I listen to country) and it's called "There Is a God". I will be the first to acknowledge that you never know with country if it's going to be sweet or sappy, charming or cheesy - but as I listened to the words I felt the familiar goosebumps come over me that inevitably accompany a compelling lyric and (embarrassingly enough to admit) the teary eyes (don't read into it - I do this all the time now). The melody was simple, the message was pure, and I felt happy listening to it - what more can you ask for in a song? So I bought it on i-tunes as soon as I got home (lol) and since I didn't have time to post yesterday - I thought I'd share this song as well as some new pics of the reason I cry at everything now - I've become THAT girl - I think back to watching my mother cry at movies, books, songs or just talking (seemed bizarre then, now strangely familiar) and her explaining the concept of "happy tears" which seemed totally ridiculous to me. But the flood-gates that were opened during pregnancy have yet to be closed, and I am now the one who's eyes well up with emotion at the drop of a hat,
...or the song on the radio
...or the picture of a miracle.


Lindsay said...

Ansley says she loves Jet's hats!!! I hear ya on the tears... I'm not as bad as I was the first two weeks due to those insane hormones that made me cry at nothing... Ha! But life is much sweeter and those happy tears sneak in!! I'll have to look up the song!

krousehouse said...

I do the same thing and bawled all the way home from work yesterday to the Third Day songs Cry Out To Jesus and Call My Name. No reason at all, other than, they made me emotional. I think it's nice to run across lyrics that can touch you instead of just entertain you!

Ashley said...

I can see David in these pictures of Jet. I think this is first time I was like, "Whoa!" - so much of him in these particular photos.

Stephanie said...

Love. those. cheeks!

Chad and Kristin Pendley said...

I could just kiss those cheeks off!! He is such a cutie! Work on those videos...I want to hear him say I love you!

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