Saturday, February 20, 2010

Beautiful and Bouncing

On a chilly but sunny afternoon, Jet and his entourage went to the park. This time it took 4 girls to make him happy. lol. Not really - the ladies just love him. And who wouldn't...look at his sweet face...and a personality to match. :)
And even on beautiful's not complete without some time in the bouncer. Jet is loving his new jumpy-seat and gets to bouncing like a little kangaroo in seconds! He has now decided that standing on mommy's lap is not near as fun as bouncing on it. He gave me quite the workout (and a case of the giggles) bouncing (in a standing position mind you - none of this "ride a little horsey" business) out of control on my lap at the restaurant we ate dinner at biceps of steel here I come!
Here are some pics of the boy and his new entertainer.
So in summary - life is beautiful, the boy is bouncing, and we are blessed. :)

1 comment:

krousehouse said...

He is so very cute! Love the bouncing!

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