Sunday, February 14, 2010

Lots of Love for Our Little Miracle..

Dear Sweet Little Boy,
Before Mommy and Daddy fell in love...
We loved you.
Before you were born...
We loved you.
Before we were able to hold you in our arms...
We loved you.
And before we knew the first thing about being parents...
We loved you.
Sweet little boy we're so in love,
With every little thing you do.
Here are just a few of many-
reasons why we love you.
We love the way you let us squeeze you.
We love your curiosity.
We love the way you look like daddy,
And at the same time look like me.
We love the way you smile at whispers,
How singing calms you when you whine.
We love how sweet you've made our lives,
We love you - tiny Valentine.
So never doubt how you are special,
A precious gift sent from above,
We love you now,
We'll love you always,
God gave you to us,
And God IS Love.

~Mommy and Daddy~


Lindsay said...

What a beautiful post!!! You guys are such a sweet little family and I know you are so in love with sweet Jet! Happy valentines day!!

Chad and Kristin Pendley said...

Beautiful! You have a way with words and the pictures are perfect! Isn't it an amazing feeling to love someone sooo much!! We love you!!

truly blessed said...

what a beautiful valentine post.♥ a love story.♥ you've got my heart all mushy this morning.

Brittany said...

Perfect post Joanna.... crying already! No one can understand a mother's love until they've experienced it themselves:-)

Kari said...

hey, wanted to apologize for how long it took for me to add your blog to the list on spina bifida kids. Its NOW added : ) if you ever have an article, thought, picture anything that you would like to post or link to please let me know. i want to keep this blog open to moms to share from all different experiences.

Ciaran's parents, Jon & Wendy said...

Awww...that was super sweet

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