Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Sippy Cup and Standing Up

If I could choose a noun and a verb to describe my little boy as of late - this title says it all.
He has become addicted to the sippy cup. We are working on the open cup of course at meal times - but I felt like he took so long to drink milk from a sippy cup that I can't make myself take it from him just yet. :)
And he's almost always standing up.
(Toes = Precious)
Two things that at 12 months I though he'd never do. Why do we worry so much?
( above: "look ma - no hands!")
He's doing very well with his walking too! :) Taking more an more independent steps away from the furniture and walls and holding one hand to walk around the house or the store.
He's a little energizer bunny!
That is when he's not being a lazy bones and catching up on his favorite furry friend, Curious George.
He is obsessed with the cute little monkey who makes a mess out of everything but is so lovable that each disaster just endears you more to him.... someone else I know.
Over Thanksgiving, David used our new favorite thing - the DVR - to record a little movie called Curious George: A Very Monkey Christmas which is now more commonly known as "Jet's Source of Happiness." He has almost refused to have anything else on the TV - not that we 100% induldge him...but maybe 80% ;). It's so cute how his face lights up at the beginning of the movie and how he smiles and even fake laughs at some parts like he knows what they are saying! lol. Therefore you can see why I almost had a panic-attack when I accidently deleted it from our DVR this week! You don't know true desperation until you lose something your child is SO attached to! I mean - this kid will find the remote and point it to the TV and babble like crazy for me to turn it on - not just for TV - FOR GEORGE!
And with the weather so cold and 2 more teeth making our days restless and fussy - I knew we were in for some difficult days ahead of us without a 30 minute Monkey-break to fall back on. So I was on the computer right away - searching - laughing at how this was such a big deal to me - thankful Jet didn't know what I had done - and luckily I found it! Later that day A Very Monkey Christmas was safe and sound in our DVD collection.
Big sigh... :) The life of a mommy.
I love it.


Stefanie said...

oh how I love the DVR...(here we call it a PVR), always a life saver :)
And don't even worry about the sippy cup, he's still young to worry about taking it away!
Keep up the good work on those steps!! :)

Summers Family said...

He's doing wonderful. I'm so very happy for you guys.


Jamie said...

He is so adorable and yeah for standing/walking!!!!

JourneyWithTheCrosiers said...

Those sweet little toes are precious. Jet's accomplishments are amazing and nothing short of a miracle. Keep up the good work!!!!

Kayleigh said...

Well, technically "standing up" is a noun in this case, a gerund if you will ;) Thanks for including Aunt Kay in this post- I'm honored!

Joanna said...

Well Aunt Kay - aka "grammar nazi" - you are welcome. ;)

Heather Weir said...

This is wonderful! I love the toes too. I am amazed at all the things all the little ones I follow are doing! Congrats on standing up! Charlotte has now started rolling from back to tummy and can sit for a few seconds longer then usual. They just amaze me everyday! Merry Christmas to you guys!

Dill Family said...

mmmmmm, baby toes!!!:) Adorable! So happy all is well for you guys!

Jill said...

I want to eat up those toes!! What an angel. I love the shots of him standing up. He's a rockstar!!

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