Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Happy Belated-Birthday Rocco!

I can't believe we missed it!
The last day of November just slipped by unnoticed.
November 30th came and went without fanfare or festivities - but that doesn't change the fact that this November 30th we had great cause for celebration.
For as of yesterday -
November 30th, 2010 -
Rocco is one year old.
Now hold on a minute (you're thinking) who in world is Rocco?!
Why are we celebrating his birthday?!
Why have we not heard of him before?!
All valid questions.
And I will answer all of them.
Rocco joined our family a year ago yesterday. We knew it was possible he would be coming to live with us - we just didn't know for sure if or when. When we first heard the news that Rocco was indeed going to be joining our family - we felt heart-sick, scared, and worried. We had hoped we wouldn't ever need to meet him. We weren't sure what this addition to our family would mean. How he would change our lives. I cried. We prayed.
We hadn't wanted him.
But we knew in our hearts, that Rocco coming would be a good thing thing.
The best thing.
Because as much as we didn't want Rocco -
Rocco was coming to save Jet's life.
Our Jet needed Rocco - and Rocco would be there to help him.
Now Rocco comes from a large family. And we had heard stories of some of his family members who had also gone to live with different friends of ours. Sometimes the stories were good - successful stories that encouraged us that everything was going to be okay.
But sometimes the stories were full of frustration, difficult transitions, and disfunction.
We hoped Rocco would be an answered prayer - not an unwelcome nightmare.
The day we got Rocco is a bit of a blur.
We were up early and on our way to prepare to receive him. Family met up with us to offer support. We waited for the time when Jet would have to leave us to go get Rocco - only Jet could go - Rocco was for Jet.
When we were alone we prayed that Jet and Rocco would have a successful meeting - that Jet would accept Rocco and that Rocco would be able to help Jet the way he was supposed to.
God heard our prayers.
The meeting was successful.
We stayed overnight so we could be sure that Rocco was doing his job and Jet was okay.
The next day we went home - and Rocco went with us.
He is still with us.
He has been with Jet every minute and has done his job perfectly every day.
Every day - for one year.
We have never had a problem.
We have never had to separate them.
He has been a Rock-Star - just like our little Jet.
They make the perfect team.
That's why we named him Rocco. He is strong - rock solid.
And I looked it up today -the name "Rocco" means "rest".
Very appropriate considering he did bring us peace of mind and rest this year.
So today we celebrate his (belated) birthday - by thanking Rocco for 1 year of successful service.
And thanking God for allowing Rocco to be an option to save our then 6 month old baby boy.
Because fluid on the brain - it's not okay.
The pressure and problems hydrocephalus can cause are innumerable - and often deadly.
Without the doctors and technology we have today - that allowed "Rocco-the-shunt" (did you guess it? :) yep - Rocco is Jet's shunt.) to be placed in our son's head to drain that fluid off -
we might not have our little miracle today.
So Happy Birthday Rocco!!
You are a life-saver and a blessing and we are so thankful for you!


truly blessed said...

this brings tears to my eyes for so many reasons. xo

Scasmflops said...

:) Smiling!!!

Happy Birthday Rocco! Keep Rocking on dude!

Holli (and Mark) said...

oh my gosh, how often do I say it but you are amazing with words!!! just awesome. Love Rocco!!!!! and ofcourse Jet and that they are such an awesome pair!!!

krousehouse said...

Cheers for many more birthdays, Rocco! I love the shunt naming trend. Awesome!

JourneyWithTheCrosiers said...

Woohoo for Rocco! I am so glad you are working so well to make that sweet Jet able to be his adorable, smiley, active self!

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