Saturday, June 26, 2010

Lucky 13

Every month we feel so lucky,
so blessed,
to have such an amazing little sweetie.
Today Jet is 13 months old. He is one month stronger,
one month happier,
one month livelier.
To capture the joy each month holds with this little guy,
here are 13 things we have been lucky enough to see this month. :)

1. Our crawler go from "cruise" to "hyper speed". (Mommy and Daddy are baby proofing for REAL this time.)
2. Jet's new intimidation move - gritting his teeth at you. Grr. Scary.
3.The debut of tooth #6!
4. The "bunny" face he makes when we go out in the sun. Scrunched up nose, squinty eyes, two front teeth sticking out...I'll have to capture a picture sometime.
5. His first attempts at "singing" in the shower (okay it's a bath, but he is belting it out).
6. Holding his own sippy cup!
7. Dropping his sippy cup off his high chair...oh made the most amazing noise...
8. Holding his own bottle (okay that may seem the same as #6 but it's SO not. lol)
9. A new musical talent -bells. He loves to shake bells in bible class. (Jingle bells is going to be a big hit his winter.)
10. Playing on his back with his legs in the air - cracks me up - he just lays there!
12. Finally saying "Mama" almost (well, almost almost) as much as "Dada"
Our little guy making his first successes pulling himself of up to stand! Yes it's wobbly, yes one foot is always inevitably out of place, but he has done it 3 time now! In the bathtub, in his crib, and at a bench - all barefoot mind you so once we keep those shoes one like we're supposed to there's no telling how good he'll get at it!
And check out these new shoes to help motivate him to keep up the good work.

Way to go little man!
You are one lucky Penny! :)


Nina said...

Lucky and blessed indeed! Cute pics! Can't believe he's 13 months old. Love the shoes;) Nina

JourneyWithTheCrosiers said...

That picture of the shoes is priceless!! Such awesome pictures of a precious little boy. He sure is one "lucky Penny!"

Johnson A GoGo! said...

Wow - I didn't know he had pulled up yet!! Good for Jet! I love the shoes, of course. Blessings!

truly blessed said...

those shoes rock and so does jet. ;)
when they are little they can wear their chucks without socks. when they are older? P - U! stinky! lol.

Selina said...

Way to go Jet!!! Love the pics and the shoes!

Ciaran's parents, Jon & Wendy said...

You skipped #11???

Joanna and David said...

lol. You're right! #11 - The snorting noise he makes on accident when he gets too excited. lol.

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