Thursday, July 1, 2010

Stand and Deliver

Jet certainly "delivered" us a big surprise this morning when we went into his room...
Now Jet has pulled up to stand before with a encouraging and a little foot rearranging or stabilizing from Mommy or Daddy. But never so confidently, and never in his crib (on that bouncy mattress) and never first thing in the morning! And not just once - but he went up and down like 7 times before we finally got the video camera out!

I can't explain how it feels to see your baby standing in his crib - not just because he's getting so big, or growing so strong - but because one day...a day that feels so long ago... you were told he might never do it, because you had to accept that you may never see it, and because until that moment you never knew for sure that he would do it.
You prayed. You waited. You hoped. You worked. And he did.
It's beautiful.
It's not something we had to have to be happy.
We were so happy anyway.
And it's nothing we felt we were owed or deserved.
We were already so blessed.
It's simply one of those blessings that sweetly surprises you...and you're thankful.
In this world of so many uncertainties - where we are told to wait
- there's not a clear answer
- there's not a clear future
- there's not a clear fix to your problems.
The one thing that's clear is Love.
Loving every little moment. Loving each other when times are scary. Loving and laughing and letting go so that you can enjoy happy moments like this without worrying about the next milestone or rain cloud or road block.
I don't know what the future holds...but I know it's moments like these - little gifts from God -that will build us up, make us stronger, and keep us going through the rain to the next patch of sunshine.
So here he is...our little stander...our little sunshine...our little miracle.


Brittany said...

Awesome! Go, Jet, Go!!! Time to move the mattress down... heehee!

krousehouse said...

That is awesome! Go Jet!!!

Micki said...

Yay Jet! I have to say I'm not surprised! He was moving so much better with his crawling and everything than Kate could at the same age. I have high hopes that Jet will be walking at or before the time that Kate did. He's so strong and cute-that makes a difference don't you know? :)

Leigh and Andy said...

Oh the tears!! So proud of that little guy. I can only imagine the emotions that you had when you saw your little man STANDING!! Nice work, Jet!! Keep it up!!! :)

The Dugan's said...

Totally made me cry!! What an amazing feeling! He'll be cruisin' before you know it!!

Summers Family said...

Wow!! That's super AWESOME big guy! We are SO very proud of you.

Love your buddies in Cali :-)

JourneyWithTheCrosiers said...

Way to go Jet!!!!! I can now imagine, now that Beckett is here, and I see his little recovering body laying in that bed last night, I can so FEEL now what you feel. Joanna, I have read and read your blog posts over the months since we found out Beckett had SB, but I haven't FELT those feelings that you feel. It is a completely different feeling than when Paisley was a newborn. I took for granted all of the little things that she did, because that's just what babies do. I have never felt what I felt when we saw Beckett up on his knees and kicking those legs/feet/toes right after delivery. I have also never felt ANYTHING like the pain Rodney and I felt yesterday when they took our baby boy from us to go into surgery. We knew it, expected it, wanted it, but I wasn't ready for those feelings we would feel. Thank you so much for your blog and helping me to learn what these feelings would feel like.
And...we are so proud of you, Jet! Keep standing, in all ways, big boy!!!

Holli (and Mark) said...

okay, just crying AGAIN at your blog post!! ha,ha.
Just amazing Jet!! I love how you said that you didn't need this to make you happy, that you are already so happy, these things are just the cherry on top of a very awesome sundae!!! We feel the same way with Alex so I definitely can relate. You prepare yourself, steel yourself for all the things "they" said he would likely not do, and then he goes and does it. Nothing sweeter. Ofcourse other than their smile!!! Thank you for sharing, he's amazing!!!

Tiffany said...

I saw a link to your post from another SB mom and I had to just comment and say that I am SOOOOO happy for you and that sweet sweet little boy you have...It made me remember that overwhelming feeling that you can't even explain to people (except ones who have been there :) that you just witnessed a miracle when you see your baby with SB stand for the first time-alone! I screamed and cried so loud the first time I saw my son Ethan stand that I was afraid he'd never stand again for fear I'd scream at him job, Jet!! God has definitely got big plans for you!!

Ciaran's parents, Jon & Wendy said...

Oh heavens, that is wonderful. Way to go Jet!!

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