Friday, July 2, 2010

Summer Magic

Every season has it's own kind of magic.
Fall has long been my favorite with it's cool breezes blowing colored leaves across the yard. Winter's remarkable way of contrasting the icy cold with hot cocoa, soft mittens and cozy fires in the living room. The bursts of color and budding life in Spring that fill my mind with renewal and simplicity.
And the Summer magic?
Summer magic can be found in warm evenings, orange-tinged skies
and rosy lips kissed by vanilla ice cream.
Or maybe it's chocolate...
Whatever the flavor you can always taste the sweetness of summer.
Last summer seemed a frenzy of late night feedings, family visits and frantic outings sprinkled with "did you pack the bottle?" and "seriously this is our last diaper?!".
This summer has had a slower start.
And we have been able to savor simple pleasures of the season like
limitless ice cream flavors,
whimsical nail polish,
sleeveless onesies,
baby curls in humidity,
scuffed up white shoes,
squinty-eyed smiles,
and sticky ice cream mustaches.
Something about summer just makes you slow down,
share your favorite treats,
take candid pictures,
(and not give back the camera).
These simple pleasures and silly moments are so characteristic of summertime.
A time where we can be thankful for the extra time together.
Build new memories and favorite traditions.
Plan vacations and trips to the pool.
and of course....
Scream for ice cream!


JourneyWithTheCrosiers said...

LOVE the messiness! Thanks for making that smile on my face even bigger! :))

Guess Family said...

someday we'll meet you at that coldstone on wade green!!!!!

HennHouse said...

Oh, those curls!

I love your photos... what a gift to be able to capture all of this...

Amanda said...

Ahh Summertime and icecream!

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