Saturday, July 24, 2010

Sweet Hearts and Sweet Treats

We arrived in The Golden State and were greeted with hugs, kisses and a double stroller containing a red-headed beauty holding a Mickey Mouse balloon! And not just any Mickey Mouse balloon...this balloon lit up with a blinking color changing light! Jet was in heaven. And he and Jane took that balloon everywhere. They were two peas in a pod and got along so well! maybe Jet played a little shy at first.
But Jane soon won him over...and let him know who was in charge.
She loved him. And he loved her.
Prince and Princess Precious.
That night after dinner we enjoyed frozen sweetness in a cup!
I love anything you can individualize to your particular taste buds...and I love frozen yogurt.
The kiddos loved it too.
What a perfect evening after a day of traveling.
That Saturday we went on our first trip to the beach...

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Wee Little Weis said...

I love it! I loved them together...and of course...I love you! I have to admit that Jane went right up to a baby boy yesterday in Stride Rite and kissed him. He promptly ran away as I enthusiastically apologized to his mother. 5 minutes later he was chasing her for a hug. lol! Jet - sound familiar?

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