Monday, July 5, 2010

American Cutie-Pie

Okay - now I'm just getting annoying...bragging on how cute my kid is all the time. lol.
But it's kinda hard when he's so sweet to look at.
To be honest, I'm pretty much as generous with my baby compliments all around. I love kids and I'm always saying "oh how cute" only to get a funny look from David. (lol) But there is nothing cuter than the little star spangled tutu's and cowboy boots I saw running around this holiday weekend. Very Americana. And I loved seeing all the flags, coolers and picnic blankets and towels lined up along the streets for the firework shoes - the "small-town" feel was everywhere. The 4th of July is always fun around here especially because my sister's birthday falls on the 3rd so it's always an extra special weekend. She is off camp-counseling this summer so we didn't spend it with her this year - but it made me think of her a lot. (We love you Aunt Kay!)
And speaking of love....David is in love with fireworks.
Fireworks.jpg On our honeymoon we had to see every firework show Disneyworld had to offer and video tape them! lol. However that all changed when once again we're putting Jet to bed amidst the screeching and whistling of the neighbors own fireworks show that last long past the show the city put on. It literally sounded like gun fire and the lights flashing through the window were reminiscent of most emergency vehicles. It felt less and less small town and more and more inner city. lol. Needless to say we couldn't say anything to's America's birthday and we don't want to be scrooges (excuse the cross-holiday reference) but it's sure stressful for parents trying to put their babies to bed.
However we didn't need to worry because Jet did fantastic. Along with his "extras" he has an extra "angel gene" that allows him to behave in a way that makes my mother look at me and say "that's not a normal baby." lol. He woke up a few times (and I held my breath) but then would just babbled himself back to sleep in a way that made me marvel.
Definitely thankful this morning. :)
I hope everyone else's babies slept well and maybe even enjoyed some family time, food and fireworks.
Happy 4th of July!


krousehouse said...

So cute! Love the flag and the biggest blue eyes. Jet is just an adorable baby, and sounds like he is also super good to boot. Who could ask for more!

Jill said...

Happy 4th to you guys! It's okay to brag when he really is that cute! ;)

Brittany said...

The fireworks in our neighborhood sounded like machine guns. Brady woke up a few times also. He ended up going right back to sleep:-) We have such good babies! And, cute babies!!

Sarah Hull said...

You just go on and on and on about how cute that little Jet is because that's all you can do when they are that dang cute!!! I LOVE those pictures!!!
p.s. see you SOON!!!!

JourneyWithTheCrosiers said...

There would be a problem with you if you didn't brag about Jet being so dag-gone cute! He's a gorgeous little boy with a talented-photo-taking Momma...super combination!

Stephanie said...

Aren't babies with flags the cutest? Love it! Nate was great about the fireworks outside while he was trying to sleep-didn't even phase him. The actual fireworks were a different story, however. Hands over the ears and eyes squeezed shut! Heard you and Leigh are headed to CA with your littles-I'm jealous! Have a fantastic time! Someone should really plan a huge SB momma get together, I'm feeling left out! ;)

Lindsay said...

He is such a cutie!! Our neighbors were shooting off fireworks, but Ansley stayed asleep (yay) and Ben and I even got to go outside and watch them! Luckily our monitor range let us go down the street a bit! :-) Hope you guys had a nice 4th of July!

Meinhardt Family said...

Don't quit bragging! He IS adorable!!! Glad you guys are having a good summer.

truly blessed said...

hurry home! i need a new jet photo fix! ;)
hope you're having a blast.

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