Thursday, July 22, 2010

California Dreamin

Wow! I just looked back to see my last post was July 4th! Have you missed us? :) We have just returned from our 11 day summer vacation in sunny California. As with all good vacations it ended too quickly yet left us exhausted. And now I'm looking through pictures and remembering all the times we laughed, sang (if you've spent any time with a baby in the car you KNOW there was singing), cried, and yelled at the GPS. :)
We returned Tuesday, disheveled and jet-lagged (okay...pun intended...but really the poor baby handled it all really well until the flight home).
We loved our visit and felt sorry to leave, yet at the same time happy to be home. We had SO much going on the last 2 weeks and Jet had so many new experiences that I'm predicting quite a few "back-up blogs" before I can catch up to the present - so that being said I'd better get started!
It will be fun - like telling a story.
I only hope I can organize it all in my head! I'm telling you after going through over 1,000 (yes we took that many) pictures and deleting all the closed eyes, blurry babies, "yikes I look scary in that one" and "what was I trying to take a picture of?" pictures...I'm a little blurry headed - but we'll see if over the next few days I can't manage to make sense of our marvelous, magical experiences. :)
While I organize my thoughts (and keep a close eye on my daredevil of a 13 month old) here are a few pics from Jet's first flight to get this story started. do you keep a baby busy for 4 hours?
Read him a book.
And when that 5 minutes of contentment is up.
Give him a pair of sunglasses.
Yeah...that's more like it.
To be continued...
I hope the wait for the next post doesn't feel as long as the plane ride


Leigh and Andy said...

hahahaha!! So your ride home wasn't fun either? The boys must have talked at the BBQ and came up with their plan of naughtiness! :) Can't wait to read the next post!

JourneyWithTheCrosiers said...

Love the sunglasses pictures! I am so glad you are back and blogging away! I did miss you!!...maybe just the adorable pictures of your Jet! ;)

Lindsay said...

We did miss you!! Welcome back! Ansley's first flight will be to CA in about a month. Please share the baby distracting tips for a 5 hour flight ;-) I'll remember sunglasses!!

Stephanie said...

From the pictures I've seen and what I've heard (er, read on FB) sounds like you all had a great time in Cali! Lets do a Chicago bbq soon! :) Can't wait to hear more about your trip!

Shannon said...

Patiently waiting :) :)

truly blessed said...

bring on the pictures!!!!!!
i've missed you guys!
been havin' withdrawls. ;)

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