Thursday, June 10, 2010

Littlest Heroes

I recently learned though another mom's blog (through some serious blog surfing so I'm not even sure which mom it was anymore :) but thank you!) of an organization called "The Littlest Heroes Project" . They are a non-profit group of photographers who provide a free photo session to the nations "littlest heros". Please read about their mission by clicking on the link above or visiting They truly an inspiring group and we had the privilege of working with one of their photographers and getting some pics made of our little hero.
So please go check them out. :) If you have or know a little hero - they have photographers who work with them across the nation so maybe there's one in your area! And I believe they are also always looking for more photographers to join their efforts if any of you amazing photographers are interested as well.
And Jet just wanted to say Thank You to "The Littlest Heroes Project" and that he will continue to do his part in spreading the sunshine.

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Holly said...

Cute pictures Joanna, what a great organisation!!!

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