Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Cool in the Pool

Remember those Water Baby Dolls with squishy bodies filled with water and floppy limbs....I have my own version of that. He has a squishy body, can be floppy at times, is cute as a doll-baby and loves the water. :)
The other night we took Jet for his first trip to our neighborhood pool.
We knew Jet would agree that after dinner is the best time for a dip in the pool.
The air is still warm from the heat of the day, but sun is low in the sky so no need for squinting or those pesky hats Mommy tries to put on her baby to protect him from the sun.
Right hats this time? Right?
Daddy helped me test the water...
...ooh kind of chilly! But nice in this Georgia heat.
Oh Hi Mommy!
Mommy's so silly - she'll do anything for a smile from her boy.
Just a couple of cool new pool toys (thanks Grey!)...
...and an awesome baby float (thanks Aunt Katie)
are all you need to make the perfect pool experience!
That was refreshing.
Something tells me it's time for bed.
Just keep swimming ya'll!


Sarah Hull said...

ohhh he is so squishy and just like a water baby! I love that!!! Those pictures are great!!
Also I LOVE your blog lay out!! It is awesome!! said...

Love the pool pictures. Jet is so precious! We just got home from an afternoon in the pool ourselves. Needless to say Paisley is napping now and will be for a while!
Your new blog layout looks great. Jet's hair is looking so red these days in the new pictures.
Thank you so much for your encouraging words through your comments on my blog this week. It helps me so much to know that if you can do it, by golly so can I! I am trying to soak up my time with just Paisley these next two weeks before Beckett arrives. I know her world will be rocked just a bit as we will be spending time away from her. I'm hoping Rodney and I can balance and make her feel comfortable with our family and friends.
Again, thanks for your comments...let's me know others have already walked in our shoes and kind of led the way.

Leigh and Andy said...

So cute!!! Glad that he is enjoying his pool toys! These pictures are making him look so big!! I can't believe that I will get to meet this little guy in ONE MONTH!!! YAY!!!!

Joanna and David said...

Isn't the "red" hysterical? The sunlight totally does that to his hair - inside the house he looks totally dark. But that light shinning through makes glints of red - his daddy is very dark but has red in his beard (when he's scruffy) so I guess that's genetic. Same with Jet's eyes - blue/grey outside, just plain DARK inside. lol. My little chameleon.

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