Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The Prince and The Party and the Letter B

Sounds like the beginnings of a Brother's Grimm Fairytale. :)
But it makes sense I promise.
Yesterday we had Jet's 12month check-up at the pediatrician. Needless to say it didn't take him long to recognize that crinkly paper and doctor lingo from a few weeks ago and before I knew it he was crying and clinging for dear life! Man that kid is strong! Praise God for those kicking legs and an amazing doctor who knows how blessed he is to be able to fight her off so forcefully. :) He was pretty much against the whole thing and let her know it - but he got a clean bill of health and some stats that made me giggle - 23% for height, 21% for weight, and 86% for head circumference! lol. Is that an SB baby or what?! I'd say it's just a "Palmer Baby" cause of the big head but we grow 'em bigger all around - so this little boy with his big head is a new combination I think. :) New and precious - the doc had no concerns cause he's proportionate with height and weight and actually says it's good for him to be on the smaller side with his SB so he won't have so much weight to hold up when he starts trying to walk. Makes sense. :) And he's getting so strong and just doing amazing things with just 2 PT appointments per month so we are very proud and excited at how well he is doing.

We talked about his picky eating and she says it's normal for his age and he won't "starve himself" so we don't have to worry. He's got 5 (almost 6) teeth now and he's pulling up on his knees and even doing some "knee walking" around the floor and along furniture. He's crawling faster (under tables and over objects) and getting into more things everyday (cabinet doors and tv cabinets anyone?). He's saying "DA-DA" like a chant all day and playing around with new consonants like "tuh" "kuh" and "nuh" - saving "Ma-Ma" for when he's frustrated or whiney of course. What a stinker. And the big next step in our "big boy" routine - giving up the bottle. (gasp!) He's good with a open cup and likes the sippy cup pretty good to - but he won't hold any of them himself! The doc says it's cause he's been "a little prince" and he'll learn it soon if we stop doing it for him. lol. I can't really argue with his "princely ways" so we'll see if we can start teaching him some more independence. :)

And speaking of the Little Prince - he had is first birthday party this weekend! The rain held off allowing us some back-yard fun with friends and family and the biggest party this house has ever seen.
Man oh Man - it was quite the day!
All of Jet's adorable little friends came to help him celebrate!
If we lived on Sesame Street (which sometimes I feel like I do) the "letter of the day" would have obviously been the letter "B".
B for Buckets and Blue-eyed Babies.
B for Balloons (which were quite popular).
And B for Brothers.
B for Bubbles!
And Beauties...
And Big Blue Balls....
And Bashful smiles (in unabashed seating positions. lol).
B for Buddies...
And Birthday Presents..
And don't forget
B for "blowing out candles!"
...Bossy Birthday Boys...
And bright happy memories made.
It was definitely
a "letter B" birthday bash
And we are so Blessed.


Johnson A GoGo! said...

We had a wonderful time celebrating little Jet!! He's an amazing gift in our life - you all are.

Chad and Kristin Pendley said...

Beautiful post (as always :) ) I'm so glad to hear his 12mo. visit went well. Speaking of big heads...Maddie is in the 93 percentile for her head. She is going to be a genious! LOL! Good luck with giving up the ba-ba. Maddie did unbelievably well. I was shocked!

krousehouse said...

What a party - looks like a great celebration, and so much to be thankful for!

Jill said...

Those are such great birthday shots!!

truly blessed said...

oh that looks like it was sooo much fun! i wish we could've made it. i'm so glad his first birthday bash was such a success. hugs and kisses to your little jet. ;)

Ciaran's parents, Jon & Wendy said...

Looks like a blast!

Heather Weir said...

I love looking at all the wonderful pictures on your blog. You are a photographer at heart! I'm so glad Jet is doing so well and already one year old! time flies. I can't get over that fact that my little girl is 2 months already. She's growing right before my very eye's. Thanks for all your comments on my blog. I should be better and giving my feedback as well. I love reading all your posts and updates on your little man!

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