Thursday, June 10, 2010

Familiar Scene

Today I turned the corner to find my son here...
He found The Stairs. (sigh.) Which until today had remained sweetly undiscovered...and yet now will have to be addressed...watched limits without parental supervision...
you know the drill.
But my Mommy brain wondered
"what made you suddenly so interested in these stairs little man?
So I looked up.
Ah... It was the cat. His love. The one who inspired him to crawl by taunting him to chase after her. And I was taken to a familiar scene...
Yep. My little Romeo.
However unlike Lady Juliet, Lady Cat is not so accommodating. So my little prince did the manly thing and moved on. No one's gonna make my boy wait around.
No siree.
That is until she came down, begging to be chased again. Typical girl.
And what did my typical boy...chased her again. lol.


Summers Family said...

Love this post! Such adorable little feet! I can't believe how well he crawls.

Can't wait to see you next month,

Nicole & Belle

Chad and Kristin Pendley said...

You are so funny! I love the Romeo and Juliet pics...but, we all know who the real Juliet is (Maddie, in case you forgot :) ) I can't wait to see him attempt the stairs (with supervision of course)He is reaching so many new milestones and growing up way too fast. I love his Hero pics, too. He is such a ham in front of the camera! We love y'all!

truly blessed said...

oh joanna, thank you for that big laugh. these shots are priceless! what a great little story.♥
i can hardly wait to wear my new belt. ;)

truly blessed said...

pssst...i put up a photo on my blog that i think you may like. :) xo

Jill said...

LOL!! Those pictures are awesome!

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