Monday, April 26, 2010

PT Cruiser

So we're sittin' around the kitchen...
Having a good time...
When we see something!
Is it a bird? Or a plane?
NO! It's Super-Jet!
And he's moving across the floor!
So I guess Jet's PT (physical therapy) is paying off (which we knew 'cause he is doing so great!) because now he is officially cruisin! :)
Okay - so maybe there's a 1 mph speed limit...but he's going!
The little man is finally moving in the forward direction. He's been scooting and twisting and pushing himself backwards for a few weeks now and has eventually gotten to where he wants to go (or more often than not... gets stuck under some furniture)..but now he is driven! He's motivated and he's goin' for it! Sometimes on hands and knees for a few "steps"...but then he goes right down for the army crawl. Saturday night was the first we'd seen it and I captured the below video Sunday afternoon. By Sunday night he was even better! Boy when they learn something they LEARN FAST. He's not too fast for me yet, and we're still working on building those muscles so he can up his speed and agility little by little -but this is HUGE for us. One of those little things that can be taken for granted unless you've had a doctor tell you it may never happen. Now that was before Jet was born - and since we've been TOLD he would crawl and walk etc but to actually SEE it is so uplifting. We're so happy for him. He's wanted to do this for so long and now he's getting somewhere. :) So YAY Jet! You got it and you're gonna keep gettin' it till Mommy is chasing you down the hallway. But only that one time...cause then you're gonna obey me and come when I call you right? :) LOVE YOU BABY!!!


Guess Family said...

look at him go!!!

Micki said...

Yeah Jet! Watch out mom, he'll be running before you know it!!!

Cassie said...

super cute video! I remember when Caleb first started army crawling like that, so exciting!

truly blessed said...

way to go jet!!!
thanks joanna, i needed that. :)
p.s. i love your red cabinets.

Ciaran's parents, Jon & Wendy said...

He is doing GREAT! he has so much movement in his legs, that's awesome.

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