Thursday, April 8, 2010

Daddy's Boy

This is a post I found in my drafts that I guess I never posted!? Go figure. It's pre-haircut and Jet has on a hoodie so it must have been from back in March. But it was all ready to I couldn't just ignore it could I?! :)
We took these this weekend when spring first started to peek it's head around the corner and a blanket outside was the perfect end to a Saturday. Jet's hair looks so dark in these pics that it was definitely a Daddy look-a-like day. You can't even tell his eyes are still blue - it's all about the lighting - and as the sun was setting...these look-a-likes were having some boy bonding. :)
Making each other laugh.
(notice the missing glad it's warming up so the socks can just COME OFF!) this's good.
Getting good at entertaining myself. :)
What's that I see?
Puppy! baby.
Jet has started to be shy around people...but he's yet to meet an animal he didn't like.
Or at least one he didn't want to pull on or eat. lol. Silly baby. :)


Leigh and Andy said...

Grey is CRAZY about animals! Everytime he sees one he lets out the cutest little squeal! :) Glad you posted the long lost post!

Ciaran's parents, Jon & Wendy said...

My daughter loved that little, red square rattle with the mirror on the end. I had to keep it because I could always hear her playing with it through the monitor. Wow...memories...

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