Saturday, April 3, 2010

Little Longhorn

Thursday night (after a day at clinic) was a special night. Jet's finally got to watch his first soccer game - and not just any game - his Daddy's team! It was a warm, spring night and a home game for the varsity at Kell High School where Daddy is the Varsity coach - so we decided it was the perfect time for Jet to start showing his team spirit.
Go Longhorns!
Watching Daddy watch his team.
Jet stayed pretty calm, taking in the whole scene.
He's got good coaching potential. :)
And when we were tired of standing - we took a little break and played on the grass-
- picnic style!
Oh hi Daddy!
Little Longhorn.
Cutie pie. :)
He's so pretty, there was some "mistaken identity" again for our little beauty. A parent said to David "Hey, was that your daughter at the game? She's so cute!" When David said "I don't have a daughter?..." and questioned further he came to realize that the "little brunette with wispy curls" was not his daughter...but his son. lol. Oh dear.
But don't you just love those wispy curls? ;)
Future Longhorn?
Happy to be held. If any baby ever loved's this one.
Meeting the Principal again.
Jet had a blast - he ate some chicken sandwich bites, drank from a straw (well...sort of) and smiled at everyone. He had been so fussy up and till we got there and then it was like he was FINALLY where he wanted to be. With Daddy, Mommy, Nina and Papi, and a WHOLE stadium of what could only be adoring fans cheering for him. :)


Scasmflops said...

OH YAY!!!! I knew I had a special bond with you guys!!! I have always been a longhorns fan.... and so much more now!!! Hook em Jet!

truly blessed said...

how on earth did i miss 3 posts? THREE of them! ugh. well, i'm up to date now. :))
i've got my dose of jet for the day. :) i love the different ways you capture that sweet boy. they always make me smile. i'm so glad to hear how he is defying the odds with sb. our God is so good.
love you guys.
so much.

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