Thursday, April 8, 2010

Easter Follow Up

Here are the pics of Jet's egg hunting...or hurling...whichever. He's still young so we didn't hide them too tricky....and his Aunt Lisa filled a few with animal crackers, so when Jet hurled them off his high chair they broke open to reveal lovely little snacks! Yum! It was a very fun Easter. Can't wait till next year!

Here's Jet limbering up for the egg hunt.
That's it? I found them all!?
This big pink one is a little overwhelming. lol.
Yay buddy!
Jet got "The Runaway Bunny" and "Pat the Bunny" books for Easter.
He was so cute actually pulling them out of the bag!
They learn young don't they. :)

Hey Daddy! What are you doing with my big, pink egg?! I found that fair and square!
And a few more pics of the family. :)
Spring Sweetness.


Sarah Hull said...

1. I love Jet and his kissable face.
2. I love that kissing picture of everyone kissing him!
3. I die over your darling families Easter outfits.
4. You are so skinny and a super model.
5. Jet looked like he had the BEST Easter!
6. I can't wait for your VISIT!!!! Ahhhh!!!

Leigh and Andy said...

TIME OUT...What visit???????? :)

Jet is as adorable AS EVER!!! Have I mentioned that I love him? :)

The Dugan's said...

He is too stinkin' cute!!!

Jill said...

Kingsley had the same Easter outfit! It's a keeper ;) So adorable.

Adrienne, Scott, Hanna and Hayden Trigg said...

We do have good taste in Easter clothes for our special boys:). Hayden had the same wonderful colors. They are just too cute.

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