Sunday, April 18, 2010

Festival Fun

On our way to downtown Kennesaw for some good ol' southern festivities! :)
The Big Shanty Festival has been around ever since I can remember and I grew up coming every year since I was a little girl (even last year at 8 months pregnant!) and this weekend it was Jet's turn to experience it. :)

Just 5 minutes away in the heart of Kennesaw...
...there's fun-filled train rides, homemade ice cream, boiled peanuts, bbq, funnel cakes and lots of booths set up for games and selling one-of-a-kind treasures.
It was the perfect weekend for a festival and a gorgeous afternoon to go.
A Balloon for the Baby!
Happy is the boy with a balloon!
His smile sweetens my heart.
He kept trying to get out - I unbuckled him and he almost did!
He looks so big!
Homemade peach ice cream! The perfect Georgia treat. :)
Open wide!
Sharing a bite with Mommy. :)
Sugar for my sugar.
Faster Daddy!

Who's that little boy with the blue balloon?
Yes You!
Where is your family?
Oh there you are Daddy!
Time to get in the it was time to say bye-bye to the balloon...
He didn't even cry. What a sensible little guy.
Somebody's got that "I need a nap" stare... :) I guess we should call it a day.
Happy Sunday Everyone!


Nina said...

I can't believe you are taking your baby to the festival! Time flies!! Good days and wonderful memories. Did you get a pet fish?
Sorry I missed it but sooo glad you got to go. Love you Josie:)

Nina said...

P.S. definately needs some pictures!! They are beautiful.

truly blessed said...

home made peach ice cream? YUMMMMMMM!
looks like a perfect day.
i love his little top tooth! :)
what a beautiful family you are.♥

krousehouse said...

Joanna, I love reading about Jet's travels and accomplishments, and also appreciate so much the support you have given me during these months of waiting for my own little miracle. I thank you so much for that, sometimes the kind words from you, Leigh or one of the other moms is exactly what I need to keep going and regain a positive attitude. Thanks a million times,

Lindsay said...

How fun! Can you believe I have never been to the Big Shanty Festival??? One year I really need to go!

truly blessed said...

all right, it's been 1 week.
cough up the photos.
i'm needing my fix.

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