Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Locks of Love

Well, nobody really donated their hair to Locks of Love this week...but we did take Jet to get his First Haircut
And boy did I love those littlelocks. Those little whispies were so precious - his baby curls - and we heard more than one gasp when we told people we cut his hair. I don't blame the gaspers - his baby hair was adorable - but poor little Jet was pulling and grabbing at those tickley little trendils and with the weather heating up that long hair was making for one toasty baby. So his Daddy and I made the decision last Friday during Spring Break to take him for his first trim. We drove about 1 minute to the Kennesaw Barber Shop where David has gone since high school and what an exciting entrance - bringing a baby in for the first haircut - we were center stage. :)
Here's Daddy and his boy - Jet's not being shy - he just forgot his shades.
Those sensitive baby blues.
Passing the time reading about manly things like motorcycles.
Deciding on a hat in case things didn't go so well. lol.
There's no going back now! (Look how he's trying to escape. lol.)
Until Daddy brought out the magical cell phone.
And soon everyone was helping to keep baby entertained. :)
And when Jet was just about to loose it....the hair dresser brought out the BIG GUNS.
It's lollipop time.
And drooling over a lolly was enough to get through the last few snips....then TaDaa!!!
Check out this handsome boy. :)
Thank you Miss Deborah! We'll be back!
Jet left with an envelope of baby curls and this official certificate. :) Then Mommy tried not to cry the rest of the day when she looked at her grown-up looking little boy.
I can't believe he's almost 11 months!
And of course....Jet wanted to have a photo shoot to show off his new do!
Handsome. Handsome. Handsome. :)


Scasmflops said...

Oh... I just about cried with u. What a big moment, but very cute with new do.

Summers Family said...

What a big boy! He is so handsome. I remember my boys 1st haircuts - they grow up so fast.

Any more word on your So Cal vacation?


Micki said...

Very, very cute!!!! Can't believe how much he's growing and changing. Hopefully you will be in GA in June when we pass through either on our way down or way back up from Disney.

Leigh and Andy said...

He is even more handsome than before (if that's even possible!!) What a cutie. Looks like he held up well for his first haircut. Grey needed that oh so wonderful lollipop too! :)

krousehouse said...

He looks so manly! So cute!

Chris, Liz, and Baby Em said...

As soon as I saw the header pic I thought...Did Jet get a haircut?!?!

He's even cuter now (HOW is that possible??) with that cut, making those eyes even bigger!

Chad and Kristin Pendley said...

Seriously?! Could he be any cuter. He does look like a little boy now, not a baby! I can't believe he is almost 1!!! Give that baby boy love for me!!

Jill said...


Mandi said...

What a sweet little guy! You're a strong momma to be able to do that without a tear. I'm not looking forward to Landon's first haircut. :-( Jet is adorable with his new cut, though! He's growing up so fast!

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