Monday, March 15, 2010

Soccer Balls and Special Visits

David took these pics the other day of Jet and his newest toy - the soccer ball.

Yes Daddy bought one (for Jet's birthday... but somebody couldn't wait to give it to him) and Uncle Daniel sent the other. The Penny Boys are avid soccer fans and Jet is getting an early start. His Daddy can't wait to kick around the ball with him outside (but isn't quite sure he's up for him playing high school soccer - I guess being a coach is one thing...but to think of your little boy all grown up playing rough with the big boys is a scary feeling.) So we'll see...for now Jet prefers "licking" rather than "kicking" the ball.
He got to show off his new toy to the perfect people - Grandmother and Grandpa Penny who know a thing or two about soccer as well. :) Jet loves seeing his grandparents and performs so cute when they come over. I just know they'll be at every game should Jet ever take to the field.

Look at Jet's serious model face! :)
They all matched too! It was coincidental but that's definitely a Penny tradition.
Love from Grandmother.
See you soon Grandpa and Grandmother!


krousehouse said...

Jet has the best cheeks ever! Can't wait to see pics in a few years of him kicking around that soccer ball!

Guess Family said...

AHHH ! It's so good to see David's parents! They look great and I loooove Jet's model face!

truly blessed said...

prefers licking to kicking....ha ha ha ha!
thanks for the laugh this morning. i, for one, think he'd be a smashing soccer player. he'd look so cute in those little soccer cleats and socks. :)) not sure i'd want him doing head shots though...... maybe baseball would be better? they have cute socks and cleats too. :) cause let's face's all about the clothes. ;) (just kidding, david).

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