Friday, March 26, 2010

10 Things I love about you...

10. The way you bounce on EVERYTHING.
9. Your new baby curls that wisp out above your ears.
8. That silly spitting game you play with everyone.
7. How cute you are when you take a tubby.
6. The fact that you can now wave "bye-bye".
5. The fact that you have no idea that "bye-bye" means someone is leaving.
4. Your chubby hands...and feet...and cheeks...
3. The way you snuggle.
2. Your 2 teeth.
1. The way I breathe you in and instantly feel a rush of sweetness and warmth flow over me.
You relax me, refresh me, comfort me, and heal me.
And I hope you never tell me to stop kissing you all over because I don't think I can.

Happy 10 month birthday to the sunshine of my everydays and the twinkle of my everynights.


Leigh and Andy said...

10 months already?? Where does the time go? I'm sure that our boys will never tell us to stop kissing them...they wouldn't dare!!! :)

Jessica said...
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Jessica said...

Yeah! I swear my dream is to meet up with all of us cute spina bifida moms and our amazing kids and DisneyLand one day. Would that not be incredible. Jet is adorable. Ohh! I just love his hair. How cool would it be if you and Jet didn't live clear across the U.S. from us. Dang! Anyways I wanted to make a comment on your post a few back but didn't get time. But I loved it and all those adorable SB kids. Thanks for sharing.

Kayleigh said...

Dear Jet,

Stop growing up.

Yours truly,

Aunt Kay

Dill Family said...

My son woke up this morning and first thing he did was wave and say "bye bye" to the world... loll:) They are great aren't they!

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